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  1. Maybe that was is the problem. I moved 8043 from another list into that list when I couldn't delete it. And Sorry! but I just tried to delete it and got the 404 error still. My bedtime now, so I'll check back later.
  2. Flagging this for @Nathan attention, because I'm from the 'bookkeeping=handwritten ledgers' and 'rotary dial phones' era.
  3. It's much easier for Admins to make the changes from a change request. Changes can be made from the Forum topic, but we ask that it be limited to new members. You can easily reach the level needed to submit change requests, just by liking some MOCs, or making some constructive comments on the main site homepage .
  4. @Nathan He's saying that the MOC is based on Set 5571, but when you look at the 15 suggested sets, set 5571 doesn't show up. Here's the result of a comparison between the two. 1336 parts in common (200 unique) that appear in both MOC-0830 Tow Truck and 5571-1 Giant Truck (excluding spare parts). I think back in June I ran a test making only 42023 and 42000 available for building, and set 5571 didn't show up in the 15 suggested.
  5. @Nathan I have Set 8043 in this custom list and I just tried to delete it. It still gives a 404 error. You did fix it once, but then it came back while you were on holiday.
  6. Welcome to the Forum. Thanks for the info. I traced that to the DK book The Batman Visual Dictionary that has 0 parts at Rebrickable. Since you are new, and haven't reached the Level needed to submit a change request, I'll add this to the list for you. We have a slightly different cataloging system from BrickLink. It may take a little while to research and create the parts.
  7. I just got my CMF box yesterday, so I'll be checking all of the 71019 CMFs. There is some info that just doesn't get released from BrickLink assigns numbers that start with bb when that happens. I try to avoid creating a temporary part number if there's a chance I can find the right one in a reasonable time.
  8. Another member had been working on the inventory for this set, and I'm waiting for a response to a question I asked. If you have reached the set submission level, you can submit it. If yours is correct, I can approve it over the first one.
  9. In the top Black bar on the main site - MY LEGO - My Custom Lists - and create a New List. It is Private by Default. If you want someone to see it, you have to make it public and give them the URL.
  10. These should all be moved to the correct category now.
  11. thea

    DUPLO (at last)

    October update- I'm still working on Duplo sets released from 2010 to now in-between other Admin duties. If you have any Duplo change requests you'd like to submit for 2010 -present, please include 'For Thea-Duplo' in the text. This will help with the other Admins' workload. If you own a Duplo part and can provide your own photo of it, I will add it if you can provide a reference number to verify it. It will be for loose part list inventory only. We are not adding old Duplo sets at this time unless someone can provide a photo inventory of their own complete set. It is just way too difficult to research the old sets, and most of the inventories are already available at or BrickLink.
  12. The total parts list is added now and the 20 individual set inventories are being worked on by a member. Sorry for the delay due to some health issues on my part.
  13. You are right! The older sets from the 1970s should be changed to Legoland. I managed to find a few of these sets when I lived in Europe, but I didn't even notice the category when I added them to my personal inventory. It looks like many of them are vehicles, so it's possible there wasn't a vehicle sub-category for Legoland when the bot added them to the database. It's added to the Admin to-do list to change them.
  14. Thanks for hanging in there through all this. The csv file loaded so easy.
  15. thea

    Many inventories for a set?

    If there are alternate parts that are deemed important enough, a second inventory can be created. When the first set with a second inventory caused some confusion, Nathan added the big box notice to let you know which inventory version you were viewing and which one you actually have in your set lists.
  16. It's more likely the hands have been swapped. There are several sets containing this torso and a torso with yellow hands.
  17. I'm sorry you've received conflicting messages. I had forgotten that there are cards with official LEGO instructions. I'm unable to open a mpd file, so this may be why you are having difficulties submitting it. Checking with @Nathan to see if we can solve this.
  18. We do not accept complete Set inventories taken directly from BrickLink. I am working on these CMF this weekend. All the minifig and other printed parts have to be checked and many have to be given new numbers and descriptions. From past experience we have found it's best to let one person do the initial catalog work for the entire series.
  19. Thanks for the offer. This weekend I'm concentrating on Ninjago CMF. I started on a list of my own Fabuland Figures a few years ago before I became an Admin. I'll take a look for it next week and get back to you.
  20. It has been planned to move the Fabuland, Belville, and Scala figures to Non-Buildable Figures. Just waiting to see if it is possible to do it as a bulk project once the bugs from launching v3 were under control.
  21. I still haven't received my box, but I've added these parts through the download. I'd like to ask everyone to wait to use them, because they need changes and corrections. I'll be working on them over the weekend, and will post a status report when I finish. Thanks!
  22. thea

    When a Set theme is wrong?

    At the moment our motto is least effort = leave it. The example set you gave probably has its roots back to the very beginning of rebrickable when this was pretty much a TECHNIC only kinda place.
  23. What biodreamer has said is very true. These Dacta sets could only be ordered by educators, and they came with a variety of parts that differed from one person's set to the next. When I lived in Germany, I was able to order set 1066 for my son's church class in 1986. I was able to inventory it here at rebrickable because I still had the original box with a label showing the contents I received. However, someone else may have received different parts from mine if they ordered it during the original release year.
  24. @plastic.ati I shortened the links you had in the notes for 6881-1, but I'm wondering if they are really necessary now that Nathan has them in the alternate tab. As you mentioned, there is still the question of a new category. I've always felt that to label it a b-model, it needs to have official instructions from
  25. This has become a real challenge since the switch by to multiple design ids for the same molded part number. In this specific case, this is only the 3rd known print design issued on the molded part number 57900. The LEGO designation of No. 12 could mean that this is the 12th helmet in a series of helmet design numbers, OR it is the 12th internal print concept for this one design number, some of which have not been released. Please let us know when you find things like this. We don't always get complete information when we initially add parts to the database. This is especially true with minifig parts, and even more so between Dec. and Feb. when the replacement parts dept. is on holiday. The number of people affected by the change, and whether or not we can make the change by normalizing the part, are taken into consideration. Since there are over 1500 members with set 75153-1, it is probably best to leave this part with the 0003 designation.