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    Browsing MoC's

    In order to have the best server performance, the 'Search for all MOCs' function is limited to 500 at a time. Using the different Theme/Category and Year slidebar options is the best way to see as many as possible.
  2. I believe I supplied an answer to most of this question in the topic about Spare Parts in the High Speed Passenger Train. BrickLink has the most active catalog, with contributions from members who open multiple sets. Rebrickable relies on the spare parts listed there as a checklist for spare parts submitted here until someone raises a question. If you know of another reliable site that lists spare parts, I will be happy to include them in the checklist. Regarding the Change Request you submitted--If you have a look at the BL spare parts listed for the set, you will see that, to use your terms, Rebrickable is optimistic for one and pessimistic for the other. And I will also mention that the Admin responding to your Change Request is the same person who did a review of the set for Rebrickable. If you would still like to have members vote on the question, it needs to be submitted in the Suggestions or Help Topics. There is no voting mechanism in this topic.
  3. I took some time away from Duplo to add the Destiny's Bounty basic minifig parts (because my husband is building it and I had the book available). These are VERY basic descriptions and temporary part numbers that will be updated as we receive more info. If you type in TLNM to the main site search and use the Green search button, you can see just how many images we get from for the Ninjago minifigs from Destiny's Bounty in these early days. It's the same for all the other TLNM sets. We can add the sets, but until someone lets us know what parts are missing in a change request, the totals will not match the box count.
  4. I did run a query for set 9119-1 and came up with about half the parts. I'm going to try to get that completed because I used to live in a house with the street number 9119. And because I found some of the parts from the set in my own small collection of Duplo parts I've bought at BrickLink. Little things like that keep the job interesting.
  5. thea

    Past Level 5

    I don't think there is anything else currently after Level 5 for non-Admin members. There are additional Features that come with a subscription to the Pro Plan.
  6. I'm concentrating on Duplo sets that are currently in our list from of sets available for download. The chances of getting correct/total part inventories for older sets are very low as shown at Brickset with their disclaimer. I know you aren't at a level for posting sets yet. If you can post a Forum photo of a box inventory for any of the sets you would like added, I can work from that as long as the element and quantity numbers are readable.
  7. You have described 'spare parts' perfectly. Some people get them and others don't. So there can't really be an 'official' source like there is with the set inventories in the instruction books. Whenever there is a request for a change in spare parts at Rebrickable, I check to see if it is something that has also been discussed and logged as a change at BrickLink or Brickowl. If there isn't anything at either of those, I might check for older sets before 2011. If I can't find anything to support the requested change, I will ask for further verification from other members here at Rebrickable and/or post a question at Bricklink. If the spare parts weren't included in the original set submission, you can look at the bottom of the inventory for a change request for spare parts. Admins can add the spare parts directly to a set without a formal change request, but it still gets recorded in the set's change log where you can see it.(link is right above the Submit Change Request) Spare parts will show as Type=2. Example in the set you mentioned, two 32002 Technic Pin 3/4 were added as spares from a change request. New Values: Part ID = 32002 Color = 19 - Tan Qty = 2 Type = 2
  8. There might be a way. We could add a small number overlay to the parts. 11089 could have a '4', 64727 could have a '3', and 87747 could have a '2'. Another possibility is to add the LDraw measurements in the Notes section. I'll bring this up in the Admin Discussions.
  9. Welcome aboard! Glad it was an easy solution. I can go eat my supper now.
  10. Which set are you trying to add and are you using an app?
  11. Yes someone else noticed it earlier, so we're stuck with the workaround Pending Deletion List again. Nathan's trying to come up with a solution, but so far, what he's tried has broken something else that didn't have an easy workaround.
  12. I'm working on cataloging/fixing the Duplo Figures and Animals for these sets. Could you take pictures of the inventories from any of your boxes? This would help greatly in finding parts missing from the downloads we get from Thanks for any help you can provide.
  13. To paraphrase a famous saying- I couldn't see the merry-go-round for the .... HORSES! The other part I was missing was the cash register. It was also missing from the Town Square 10836 download, so 2 sets fixed for the price of 1. The sets have been added.
  14. thea

    new moc

    There is a free file storage site for rebrickable. It's called where you can store images, instructions, or any other LEGO related files. You could post a comment for one of the sets you used for your creation and include a link to your bricksafe files. Or you can do like you have done and post it here in the Forum.
  15. Going with the majority. If we receive more reports that verify your post, it can be changed.
  16. Yeah my Mom has told me she said the same thing to my Dad when he bought me a train set for my first Christmas. Of course I never did that with my son....I waited until he was 2 to buy him 7720-1. Thanks for the pictures. They'll help fill in the missing 5 pieces from the download.
  17. Thanks for responding. Wishing you luck and fun at the play store.
  18. This is another difficulty we face. The numbers we receive from the download are new design numbers assigned by lego, and not the number molded on the part. I recently had a part that had 4 different design numbers for the same molded number.
  19. I've discovered while working on 4962 (see a previous post) that I'm having to go back and work with some of the older Duplo sets to have items catalogued correctly. This has helped with some of the prep work on 10840. It looks like a really fun set, but it will take some time to finish it, because there are also lots of new pieces that have to be catalogued. If you could take a picture of the inventory that appears on/in the box, and post it here in the Forum, it would help speed up work on 10840.
  20. It is extremely difficult to find information on some Ninjago pieces. We appreciate help from any member who has the set and can provide the element id numbers or photos for the missing pieces.
  21. Welcome aboard! Browse through the MOC listings and find ones you like. Make a constructive comment about the MOC. If you find a MOC Designer you like, you can set up your notification to receive notices of the Designer's new MOCs after clicking the Follow Button. Adding part pictures only needs a Level 2, and you receive points once your photo is approved. We are caught up on the photo submissions, so approval happens fairly quickly now. If you want to submit a photo for a part that isn't in the database, you can use the Other Data Forum Topic to let us know about the part so we can add it. Just remember, the photo must be your own work or taken from Just let us know what sets you need added, and we'll check if they are available for download from Much easier that way. Some special sets, like ones given away at Comic-Cons, aren't available to us, so those are the ones we really need members to work on. To help you get more familiar with other aspects of the site, do some searches in the Forum on topics you find of interest.
  22. This is a persistent bug! Now I have set 8043-1 stuck in a list too. Our workaround until @Nathan can look at it again, is to create a temporary list (name it Pending Deletion) and move the set there.
  23. zzzzzzzz...oh what???... There were some other problems with the set. I just forgot to make the part available. Thanks for catching it.
  24. I've run a few scenarios with MOC-1785 St. Marks Bell Tower. I set my bar for 0-No Limit and Biggest Sets. At first I thought maybe you didn't have the Premium box checked, but the Bell Tower didn't show up for me either. I did notice that all the sets were under 3000 parts, but only sets with 90%+ showed up. I have 90.6% of the buildable parts in the Bell Tower available (18479 out of 20401 I actually have more in unavailable lists). Then I set the bar to 3500-No Limit and this is what appeared @Nathan Let me know if you want me to run some other combo and grab a screenshot.
  25. I am able to delete sets from Custom Lists now.