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  1. Going with the majority. If we receive more reports that verify your post, it can be changed.
  2. Yeah my Mom has told me she said the same thing to my Dad when he bought me a train set for my first Christmas. Of course I never did that with my son....I waited until he was 2 to buy him 7720-1. Thanks for the pictures. They'll help fill in the missing 5 pieces from the download.
  3. Thanks for responding. Wishing you luck and fun at the play store.
  4. This is another difficulty we face. The numbers we receive from the download are new design numbers assigned by lego, and not the number molded on the part. I recently had a part that had 4 different design numbers for the same molded number.
  5. I've discovered while working on 4962 (see a previous post) that I'm having to go back and work with some of the older Duplo sets to have items catalogued correctly. This has helped with some of the prep work on 10840. It looks like a really fun set, but it will take some time to finish it, because there are also lots of new pieces that have to be catalogued. If you could take a picture of the inventory that appears on/in the box, and post it here in the Forum, it would help speed up work on 10840.
  6. It is extremely difficult to find information on some Ninjago pieces. We appreciate help from any member who has the set and can provide the element id numbers or photos for the missing pieces.
  7. Welcome aboard! Browse through the MOC listings and find ones you like. Make a constructive comment about the MOC. If you find a MOC Designer you like, you can set up your notification to receive notices of the Designer's new MOCs after clicking the Follow Button. Adding part pictures only needs a Level 2, and you receive points once your photo is approved. We are caught up on the photo submissions, so approval happens fairly quickly now. If you want to submit a photo for a part that isn't in the database, you can use the Other Data Forum Topic to let us know about the part so we can add it. Just remember, the photo must be your own work or taken from Just let us know what sets you need added, and we'll check if they are available for download from Much easier that way. Some special sets, like ones given away at Comic-Cons, aren't available to us, so those are the ones we really need members to work on. To help you get more familiar with other aspects of the site, do some searches in the Forum on topics you find of interest.
  8. This is a persistent bug! Now I have set 8043-1 stuck in a list too. Our workaround until @Nathan can look at it again, is to create a temporary list (name it Pending Deletion) and move the set there.
  9. zzzzzzzz...oh what???... There were some other problems with the set. I just forgot to make the part available. Thanks for catching it.
  10. I've run a few scenarios with MOC-1785 St. Marks Bell Tower. I set my bar for 0-No Limit and Biggest Sets. At first I thought maybe you didn't have the Premium box checked, but the Bell Tower didn't show up for me either. I did notice that all the sets were under 3000 parts, but only sets with 90%+ showed up. I have 90.6% of the buildable parts in the Bell Tower available (18479 out of 20401 I actually have more in unavailable lists). Then I set the bar to 3500-No Limit and this is what appeared @Nathan Let me know if you want me to run some other combo and grab a screenshot.
  11. I am able to delete sets from Custom Lists now.
  12. Can you verify that the number molded on the part is 33909? It is already added to the set with that number.
  13. It could also specify which mold was used and at what factory. There are too many possibilities to be able to say for sure with the new dual injection process and more than 1 factory. I'm working on sets 4962. There are many corrections that need to be made in the assigned DUPLO part numbers, so all DUPLO set inventories may look REALLY messed up for periods of time.
  14. I ran a test and got the same results. Possible temporary solution until Nathan gets it solved -- create a new custom list and move all the sets you want to delete to that new list. I was able to move the sets in my test.
  15. Do they all have a moveable part? Or have 2 parts joined together? This type of number is turning up on most assemblies. The new Jungle cats from my sets have similar type numbers/letters molded on them. I'm not going to take one of the cats apart, but I would speculate that the actual part number is molded on the inside of the separate parts.
  16. thea

    DUPLO (at last)

    From time to time this month I will need the number that is actually molded on a DUPLO part. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here's the first one. 25384 or any of the other 'pick-up-element-4x8' There are 5 known prints of this pick-up truck body, each with its own design ID. They all need to be mapped as a print to the molded part number.
  17. thea

    DUPLO (at last)

    Duplo got put to the side because of launching v3. Thanks to all who have been waiting so patiently. During August I'm going to be devoting much of my rebrickable time to Duplo. The first part of the project is concentrating on adding or correcting recent/currently available Sets (anything after 2011 when peeron stopped adding sets). I will work on sets that have been mentioned in the Forum first, but I would ask that everyone please wait for about a week before making change requests or set/part submissions for these or any other Duplo sets. There are a lot of sets that I'll be adding/correcting through downloads from during the next week. Sometimes the corrections need time to process through the cache (or my brain ...).
  18. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It certainly looks like the set needs some attention. Please see my post in the News Topic.
  19. I wasn't getting emails for parts I submitted and approved. Please check your Settings>Notifications on the main site. I found mine had been disabled by the system. This is probably because you and I each generated many many emails through our requests and submissions.
  20. I've applied a normalization process to the part 71610pb01. That causes the part to be disabled again, but it should have auto-corrected any loose part lists. It should also solve the problem for any other members who had it in a previous back-up list when they need to import. If you have any further problems with the part, let us know here. While working on the pb01 boat hull, I noticed that BrickLink indicates that 71610pb02 is also a stickered part. However, since the stickers were pre-applied at the factory, this will be treated as a printed part and the number left as is.
  21. Something you could do is move(use) the sets that have a large number of pieces you need out of your main list. This may show you that by the time you get to that 20th set, you only have a few pieces in it that you need. You could pull those just using the find parts screen. You might be able to do the same for set 19, 18, 17, and so on until you have a more manageable display. I would also say that the key is to remember the Find Parts doesn't make any changes to your rebrickable inventory, so you can try different methods to find the one that suits you.
  22. This set was added at the first of the year when we were having all sorts of weird parts showing up in the lego downloads. I'll take a look at it later tonight. Update--The set should be complete now, but there are some parts that still need descriptions.
  23. Thanks for the response. I took a quick look at the chart. Looks like some useful info there. I've added it to my 'to-do list', but it will be a while before I can work on it.
  24. Thanks to our LDraw 'go to' member. I know so little about the program that I need answers like this all the time.
  25. I've changed the mapping for the LDraw to u8012. Please let me know if the image shows the part(disregarding color) correctly now. I think the color may be the reason it was mapped to 32c. This will convert u8012 to 32c on importing from a LDraw file. However, if you then export the list as a Rebrickable.csv file, it will export as 32c. There isn't an option for LDraw export at the present time.