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    Help identifying parts

    This is actually a fixed glass window without the fixed glass. Interesting discussion about it at BrickLink about a year ago that I remembered because I have a red one without the glass in my loose parts. The face with a scar(keyword) is 3626bpx93 I was just looking at one of the sets that has this head a few days ago. I came up totally blank with the black torso- tuxedo, jacket, bow tie, lapels, sweater, buttons, and vest got me nothing here and at BrickLink. I also checked any 'Mini Upper Part' with an image, but nothing matched. It may be an obvious question, but did you verify that there is a LEGO logo on the torso?
  2. I tried a custom list with about 400 parts. I even added a known color error part to the custom list and a part list to see what would happen. The only thing I can think of is that your Custom List was created with the idea of using similar colors or one of the other options. This type of build isn't available with Custom Lists. When I used a 'similar color option', it showed I had 98% of the parts and was only missing 8 parts. But there is a notice on the Find My Parts page that warns you it will only look at your inventory for exact matches. After using my parts list, that page tells me that I am missing 67 parts.
  3. I'll see if I can replicate this, but I won't be able to do it until tomorrow.
  4. Tags are currently part of an Admin Catalog Discussion. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  5. I did bring this to Nathan and his answer was to leave them the way they are now.
  6. The set is in the list waiting for review. Parts that are not yet in the database will delay approval, as we may have to wait to receive the info from other sources.
  7. The missing parts have been added with the exception of the sticker sheet.
  8. Use the submit change request button(bottom of the right sidebar). List all the spares in just 1 change request following the example provided. Then name your source.
  9. I have continued to use the stk single designation for both versions because they would always show as No Image Available, and the stk immediately lets you know it is a sticker. Just using the design number makes it appear as a regular part without an image. Now that we have the ability to have a photo, using the design number(the first 5 digits) will be better. @NathanI think it would be good to have an announcement about the change for people who have been used to the stk for so many years. @Lucky-Ramses------For a sticker sheet that already has a 'stk' number with both versions listed in one part number-- Please submit a regular change request and note the version/s before submitting the photo/s. An Admin will take care of splitting them and assigning the new number/s. That way you'll receive the email notice for the change request completed, and know you can submit the photo/s to the correct new numbers. ------For sticker sheets that are not in a set inventory-- Please use 'submit a part' with the first 5 numbers, and include the Set number in the Name. Adding the Bricklink stk number would be helpful.
  10. It's a Dacta Resource Set for Mindstorms. I'll change it.
  11. @Nathan I ran it also and came up with a negative for 8880-1 AND 8030-1.
  12. 30389 is currently enabled. It will remain enabled for about 4 days. doesn't separate the part into the different molds. To prevent it from being used again by a download, it will need to be disabled again.
  13. I'm going to try to determine the mold for the sets that are remaining with 30389 in them and fix them. Once I've done that, I'll get back to you with a time frame of when 30389 will be enabled so you (and any other members) can fix your part lists by deleting the part. Anyone else with a similar part problem, please post the number here.
  14. Wow... there were over 40 missing. Just need someone to submit the spares now.
  15. thea

    Part Submission

    I'm the one who wrote the message, and you were sent to the 404 page because the submission had been deleted. I'll try to explain in more detail. A standard minifig torso number begins with 973. If it has a print it becomes 973pr. The numbers represented by the xxxx can normally be found when we receive the element id information from It will say MINI UPPER PART NO. 2653 for example. The number then becomes 973pr2653c01. The c indicates that it is a complete assembly and the 01 means it is the first assembly with that xxxx number. Sometimes the element id doesn't get posted to, or they have used the xxxx number a second time on a completely unrelated torso print. When that happens we use a reverse number system that started at 9999 and counted down. You can see what the next number will be by typing 973pr99 in the Search. At the moment it will show you 973pr9981c01 as the last number used. So the next will be 973pr9980c01. I want to stress that this reverse method is reserved for absolutely the last resort. Usually if we wait a bit, the information will become available. If a set is missing minifig or printed parts, it's probably better to submit a Change Request giving us the information. It's possible that they are in the system, but temporarily disabled while we work on them.
  16. Is there a way to differentiate between Star Wars (theme) Slave 1 set versions? I understand it was redesigned a few times. Specifically, I have set 8097, but the part inventory in my booklet doesn't match the inventory list here. In fact, reading the set comments, the inventory was changed from the booklet's inventory to something else. How do I find the page with the parts inventory for the set I actually own? Please provide the 7 digit ID numbers for your booklets. They should be at the bottom of the last page of each booklet and begin with the number 4. There were several versions of instruction books released because of revisions to the actual building of the model.
  17. Without official instructions from LEGO that I could use to verify parts, like there were with Technic-40 years, I'm going to say it's an MOC. You might want to make a note in your MOC description that it was inspired by...... and give a link to the photos that were released.
  18. I understand what you are saying, but I don't have an answer for why it's happening. I'll bring this to @Nathan attention.
  19. First off--Welcome to the Forums! I'm not a Bionicle fan, so I'm not familiar with this. Can you provide a few links to the images and information so I can verify it? Thea-Inventory Admin
  20. Because lego doesn't recognize the difference, it will require a change in the download programming. I'm going to have to pass this one on to @Nathan
  21. If you run into any more problems, let me know what set you are trying to combine. I can check to see if there may have been changes made to the set or its parts that would cause a problem. For example, if you parted out a set before the spare parts were added to the inventory, and are trying to build it now including the spare parts, you might not have all the spares needed.
  22. When you make the choice for part list, it is for the First part list the function will use. If it doesn't find all the parts in the First part list, it will go to your other part lists that you have made available, find the parts needed, and remove them from those other lists.
  23. At this point you should see a page with the Missing Parts and Buy Parts Tabs. Make sure your settings reflect the region and stores you want to use. Then you can use the Buy Parts Tab to get a list of Stores that have the parts you need. Custom List parts are not added to your rebrickable inventory Set/Parts Lists. The system doesn't do anything with any of the "virtual" parts from your Custom List Build. It just shows you where to find the actual physical parts you own or where to buy them. I found it was much easier to part out the sets that I was willing to use, not just virtually at rebrickable into one loose parts list, but also with my actual physical sets. This is what I have done for a large Friends display I'm working on that is made up of several MOCs. When I'm ready to take the display apart, I can use the inventories from the sets I parted out, to recreate the original sets I started with. This presumes that you aren't overly compulsive about keeping the original parts from a set. (For example, 4 Red 2x4 bricks, 1 each from Set A-D, were combined in the part-out. Compulsive would mean each one needs to go back to its original Set A,B,C, or D, rather than possibly the one from Set A ending up in Set C when re-combining the parts to the original set.)
  24. Create a Custom List. If you like you can change the Other to the To Build selection in the Edit list details. Go to the MOC and look for the Add MOC's Parts to a List(Edit- I really have to stop hitting the submit button by accident...) in the right sidebar. Choose the proper custom list in the pop-up and click Add Parts. Then go to the custom list and use the Build this List button to see what parts you have, and what you need to buy.
  25. thea

    Adding lost parts

    I've looked at this and I think the problem may have something to do with the the fact there are 2 inventory versions for this set. When you are on the set inventory page, check which version you are viewing. Most likely you are one of the 3000+ members who have added this to their set lists as v1 Initial Inventory. It appears that the set view is defaulting to v2- Version 2 with 15456. Changing the version will refresh the page and should solve your problem. Thanks for reporting this. I'm going to ask @Nathan if he can make v1 the default.