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    thea reacted to Eilu in Does this count as MOC   
    I modified a Creator Parrot so it would look like my real pet parrot. This involved changing brick colors, and altering the shape of the head and back (see photo.) Does this count as a "real" MOC and should I upload it as such? 

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    thea got a reaction from BassDJ in Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here   
    Hi Bastiaan,
    The errors probably occurred because the b model submitter built it with parts on hand.  I'll work on getting the 2 inventories in sync.  
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    Edits for corrections and comments done in green.
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    thea reacted to BassDJ in Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here   
    I compared the inventory of set 42078 main build with it's alternative build. I found errors in the alternative build inventory (or otherwise around).
    According to my research the alternative set has zero unique parts which aren't in the main build.
    Main set:
    Alternative set:
    Here we go...
    Errors (in order of right side of the comparison page inventory):
    8x black 2905 should be black 99773.
    5x black 32269 should be black 18575 (or vice versa, should match main inventory item number)
    1x black 2431 (didn't check this one, probably with print)
    1x dark bluish gray 3022 (didn't check this one, could be black)
    1x dark bluish gray 3648b should be dark bluish gray 24505 (or vice versa, should match main inventory item number)
    1x flat silver 2412b should probably be 2412b metallic silver (or vice versa, should match main inventory item number)
    1x 14720 (Main set has 5, alternative has 6, so the comparison page shows 1x. I count 5 so this part shouldn't bementioned in the comparsion. To be clear: the alternative needs 5 instead of 6)
    1x red 4519. I cannot find this part in the manual in red. There are plenty in bluish gray.
    1x Red 33299a should be 1x Red 33299b (or vice versa, should match main inventory item number)
    4x trans-clear 3069b should be trans-black 3069b.
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    thea got a reaction from raystafarian in Working Out Spare Parts After Moc   
    I hope this will answer both of your posts.  If you are still confused, just ask and I'll try to make it more clear.
    Start by creating an "available for building" Loose Part list for each large set you will be using.  For example label one 42009, another could be Uni-mog or whatever other large set you own.  2 or 3 small sets could easily be combined into one list.
    Use the part out feature on the Set Home Page to put the parts from each set in the correct loose parts list.  Once you have parted out the set, you need to manually remove the set from your Set List.  Otherwise you will have a double count of the parts.
    Edit-After you have all the parts in the loose parts lists, you need to go to the Build tab at the top of a rebrickable page.  
    It will give you options to check off.  Check only the "my parts list" box.
    Then set the match bar to exact.
    At the bottom, click the Find Sets to Build button.
    This will give you all the sets with 100% in your loose parts list.
    Choose the one you need and click on it.
    This should bring up a page that says
    "You are able to build this set from your loose parts collection." There will be a link for Combine these parts.
    (end edit)
    When you build an MOC with the 100% combine link, you can choose the loose part list you want to start with, and the parts will be removed from that list first.  After that parts will be removed from other available part lists until the 100% is reached.  The MOC will appear in your chosen Set List. 
    The remaining parts from each set you parted out will be in their own loose parts list, ready to be used for other MOCs.  If you wanted to combine all these left-over parts into one list, create a Total loose parts list. Export each separate left-over list to your desktop, then go to the Total loose parts list and import each one using the APPEND button.  Once you have added them all to the Total list, be sure to delete each left-over list and all its parts so you don't have a double count.   
    If you wanted to put the 42009 set back together, you could part out the MOCs you built into their own loose part list, remove the MOC from your set list, and then use the "build this set" to get the 100% link for the 42009.
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    thea reacted to Stuart9 in Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here   
    Just noticed you have BL's bslot16 as corner brick with the description of 2 slots and a matching image.
    This number relates to a single slot brick at either end.
    BL's bslot17 is the corner brick with 2 slots.
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    thea reacted to Nathan in Huge problems to access my total parts   
    I managed to make some significant improvements to the All My Parts page (and My Parts) that should make a big difference for you.
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    thea got a reaction from Vokhev in Part ID   
    Thanks to retrieverfalcon.  I've added "with axle hole" to the description to help the next person find it easier.  
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    thea reacted to Retrieverfalcon in Part ID   
    I've never seen one in person so can be sure but looks like it might be this part. 
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    thea reacted to Nathan in Finding parts   
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    thea got a reaction from Retrieverfalcon in New inventory category - "Non-Build" ignorable parts   
    There is a setting to exclude Stickers and other gear as well as minifigure parts from the  Build Function.  You can toggle it on by going to the ME drop down menu, choose Settings and then the Building Tab.
    The Ignore Sticker category was created fairly recently.  Before that stickers were placed in the spares to keep them out of the Build Function.  We are still working on changing many stickers that use the stk in the part number, and moving them from the spare parts to the regular inventory.  The goal is to have the box total match our inventory as much as we can.  There are going to be cases where this doesn't happen because packets/sprues of small parts are listed as 1 item in the instruction book inventory.  Rebrickable lists these individually.  
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    thea reacted to biodreamer in Minimum percentage   
    Narrow the search parameters so the top 200 sets include the lower % sets. try building by category.
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    thea reacted to TeagueO in How to use "BUILD SET - Find My Parts" page   
    So what you mean, you click build this and the 'source parts' page comes up right? Well for your issue perhaps don't click on 'use this set' until you have the parts you need from that set in front of you. For instance, if I need 10 parts from 31006-1, I will go collect those 10 parts, physically set them in front of me, then click 'use this set'. Now I have 10 fewer parts to find and have eliminated one set. I realize this isn't exactly what you mean, but this is how I do it and it works well (fro me).
    Since this way allows you to see which parts came from where since you stay on that page, I think it may help you until Rebrickable adds a new feature. I hope this was helpful.
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    thea got a reaction from VorpalRyu in Deleting MOCs   
    Putting this to @Nathan  He's the only one that should do it.
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    thea got a reaction from Arjen Vreeken in My account isn't transferred from MOCplans   
    Hi Arjen and welcome to Rebrickable!
    Currently the only one who can help you is Nathan, the owner of Rebrickable.  I'll bring your message to his attention @Nathan, and you can also send him more detailed information by using the private Messenger feature.  It's the white envelope icon at the top of the page.
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    thea got a reaction from Nathan in Private MOC's were did it go.   
    I'm going to bring this to @Nathan attention, because my answer is basically the same as slangivar's.  I can't use my husband's account for testing a free plan anymore, because he upgraded to Pro.
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    thea reacted to Simon in 3rd party parts   
    Greetings, all.
    Let me be as clear as possible: I am totally against adding non-LEGO parts to Rebrickable.
    Both  @legolijntjeand @Xfingalready stated good arguments against it, and even those in favour of it have noticed the complexities and risks involved, but I wish to make the case for newbies and occasional users.
    With all due respect, Rebrickable is not just for MOC designers. To be sure, when Nathan invented Rebrickable, his primary goal was this:
    "Rebrickable will show you which LEGO sets you can build from the sets and parts you already own." (Note the LEGO)
    And in "Who am I", Nathan states "After buying some large Technic sets, I figured it must be possible to build some of the smaller ones with the thousands of LEGO parts I had.". (Again, LEGO)
    Currently, Rebrickable has 120,865 registered users. There are 6,236 MOCs present, so at best, there are 6,268 MOC designers registered (probably a whole lot less, as some designers created dozens of  MOCs). In any case, there are, at least, 114.629 registered users who are NOT MOC designers. These people, the overwhelming 95% majority, don't care about SBricks and Chrome wheels. Even rare TLG made parts don't interest them. They want to do want Nathan wanted six years ago: to find out what they can build. Or what parts they need to buy to upgrade from one set to another. Or what other sets become available if they add a basic brick set. Or, don't understimate this one, if you just bought a box of unsorted second-hand bricks, to find out which sets might be hidden in there. And for all those tens of thousands of users, and I am most cetainly one of them, adding all that complexity of different brands, part-numbers, colors, and materials; and all the associated risks of bad quality, non-fitting parts and vendors that go broke and disappear; all of that is a complete waste of time and energy.
    So if you do want to add an SBrick to your MOC, then please, build a look-a-like using basic LEGO bricks (identical dimensions in a contrasting color), and add a simple comment to the description:
        "The pink SBrick look-a-like should be replaced with an SBrick Plus¨.
    Problem solved.
    Take care,
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    thea reacted to plastic.ati in B Model link from main model   
    FYI I created some BIs for the set 6881-1 (also some Alt builds, but those are under the approval process at the moment). Can you check my temporary solution if it's okay or not?
    This way it's visible, whatever tab you choose, and once Nathan finds the final soluton, it can be easily removed.
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    thea got a reaction from slangivar in DUPLO (at last)   
    A quick update-  I'm currently in the path of Hurricane Harvey.  We are supposed to be under heavy rains for the next 4-5 days.  My internet connection comes and goes, so I've just been adding Duplo sets directly from the download now while I can.  I'll make corrections/additions whenever I can. Please hold any change requests or Forum posts about missing Duplo parts. 
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    thea reacted to HerbertHavu in Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here   
    I will keep this in mind. In this case I am not able to help since I have never owned the actual packages and also only have a subset of the parts. I was looking at these sets just to understand what I actually have and what I am missing...
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    thea got a reaction from SimLego in Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Part Relationships Here   
    There might be a way.  We could add a small number overlay to the parts.  11089 could have a '4', 64727 could have a '3', and 87747 could have a '2'.  
    Another possibility is to add the LDraw measurements in the Notes section.  
    I'll bring this up in the Admin Discussions.
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    thea reacted to legogriph in I can't add sets to my set list   
    I'm using Google Chrome on PC, but I fixed my problem. I didn't have any set lists created! Silly me 
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    thea got a reaction from Rondrian82 in Can't delete Set from Custom Lists   
    Yes someone else noticed it earlier, so we're stuck with the workaround Pending Deletion List again.  Nathan's trying to come up with a solution, but so far, what he's tried has broken something else that didn't have an easy workaround.
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    thea reacted to dainucis in How to increase to level 3   
    Thank you thea, your answer was very helpful, I am on level 6 already :). I am a mother and just started to have fun from lego with my son who started his jorney with Duplo bricks, but I think soon he will also build something more complicated.
    As we already have more then 1000 different duplo bricks I wanted to find more projects that we could build from duplo bricks but unfortunately the selection isn't so wide...So there is a plenty of opportunities to make our own MOCs and present them here
    So the sets I could not find are 10819-1 (My first Garden, released 2016) and 10838-1 (Pets, also 2017 i think).
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    thea reacted to mboehlen in Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here   
    @thea see photos attached, and in the end bought nothing new as my wife is already telling i am buying for myself instead for our daughter 

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    thea reacted to mboehlen in Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here   
    @thea i'm sorry, but the box is already gone, and the information you are looking for is not in the leaflets. But i might be passing in a play store, and the information might be on the outside of the box, and then i'll take a picture.