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  1. Yes, in this case it is the general catalog of sets. I'm writing an iOS app that allows the user to keep track of their collection. I know this duplicates the functionality of other sites and apps, but I am writing this as an exercise as it ends up covering a lot of iOS development I want to practice. I was planning to seed the app with a database containing information from Rebrickable so the entire data does not need to be downloaded on first use. To limit the number of requests to Rebrickable and to restrict bandwidth to the minimum, I would like to be able to do an occasional search that will return the items in the local database are out of date and the new sets in the Rebrickable database (based on when the local database was last updated). The alternative is to download the sets csv file and work out what is new (and deleted) based on that without knowing if any information has been modified on existing sets. I hope that adds clarity to my request.
  2. I've been trying to work out an easy way to determine additions (and changes) to the sets list using the V3 API. I'd prefer an approach that did not require downloading the entire list again. The entries have a field called 'last_modified_dt' which looks like it could be used for this purpose. Is it possible to search based on that now or could this be added to the API in the future? What I think I would like would be able to have a set search where I get the sets with a modification date after a timestamp in my request. Thanks