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  1. I found the way how to change links, description and so on in "admin" bookmark under main image of model but I haven't found the way how to change inventory yet.
  2. How can I change my MOC after it was approved? I haven't found any button or link that would allow me to do it except submitting change request. I know that I was able to do it in previous version of rebrickable but I don't know how to do it now. I would like to add or remove few parts from inventories of my old MOCs, change links to building instructions and more info about MOC or add links to videos. Thanks for reply
  3. As I know they haven't copied anyones instructions. There are links to them on their site. They've just used your database and I guess parts lists as well. If you try to search MOC on their site, it has exactly same code like on Rebrickable - I mean MOC-XXXX. I agreed with placing my models on their site because it is promotion for me. I just wanted to know if they contacted you when they decided to use Rebrickable as resource for making their database.
  4. Thank you thea. It looks like authors of this site read this forum and they've promised me they contact Nathan directly.
  5. Hi all, I was contacted by one woman if I agree with placing my MOCs on their web When I visited it I've got very suspicious that they stole whole model databaze from Rebrickable. Was anyone else contacted by people from this web? If so, what have you answered them? Nathan, do you know about this web and have you agreed with giving them whole model databaze from Rebrickable? I would like to know your opinion about this website before I reply on email from her. Thanks
  6. Thank you for advice. It works!
  7. I would welcome possibility to compare MOCs between each other and MOCs and sets. I mean now I can compare two sets and find out which parts are same and which are different in them. I would like to do same with MOCs or MOCs vs sets. If this comparison is possible right now let me know how to do it, please.
  8. I use LDD only for "reverse building" (when you try to build for example new set with help of few pictures) and for building official models for fun. I think it's quite good tool for building out of bricks when you are not able to build out of real ones but you just shouldn't expect much out of it. I don't recomend it for making building instructions and building out of Technic. It is realy hard to build gearings in it and its "connection solver" doesn't work very well either. It's also pretty difficult to hinge parts in LDD and it has very limited support for bendable parts as flexible axles. Its only advantage is very simple use. If you plan to build something more complex or create building instructions I recomend you SR3D Builder and LDraw software.
  9. I can share my way of creating instructions: Larger models: dismantling finished model step by step in opposite order (from finished model to first step) and taking pictures of each stem with removed parts Small models: dismantling finished model to "sub-models" to get insight in building process building model in SR3D Builder with "STEP" tags editing instructions in LPub exporting instructions from LPub to PNG images editing PNG images in picture editor exporting to PDF I prefer SR3D Builder to MLCAD because SR3D Builder has better physics so connecting pieces together is easier.
  10. I think I shouldn't vote for my own entry so these are my favorites besides my mammoth: 1. MOC-1092 2. MOC-1116 3. MOC-1139