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  1. The grouping feature in Set lists creates wrong grouping results... The group sections are several times in the result. Only one or two sets are grouped together in one block. Something goes wrong with this nice feature... I think I remember that the grouping feature was working at the beginning, but now it's broken...
  2. I would also like this highlight option!
  3. I am also able to delete sets from Custom Lists now.
  4. Moving the sets to a new list work's. Good workaround. Thx!
  5. I want to delete some Sets in my Custom Lists, but it's not working... Every time I get this message: "Error 404: Not found" This problem accours with every set in the lists ans with every list. Changing the quantity is still possible.
  6. Oh right... Wrong button in the first place... ?.
  7. I would like to see this feature too :-)
  8. The automatic sync from Brickset suddenly didn't work anymore... Changes on Brickset will not be synced. When I try to update my Rebrickable account information in the Brickset settings it diddn't work: It says that username or password is wrong (but both is definitely correct). A few days ago everthing works fine...