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    BL Export Error

    I'm still not getting this to work
  2. bowdocarat

    BL Export Error

    I am new to this, and couldn't find the answer in archives, so I apologize if I am asking something easy. I am attempting to upload my inventory from Rebrickable to BL. I export my inventory in .xml format, and go to upload it to BL, and I get the following error: Lot #1 in your file shown above has the following error(s): Quantity not entered or not numeric Item Condition Must be New (N) or Used (U) Price not entered or not Numeric Is there a way to set up the .xml export file differently? Or am I doing this all wrong? Or is this a known error. Here is a short sample of the .xml code <INVENTORY><ITEM><ITEMTYPE>P</ITEMTYPE><ITEMID>3010</ITEMID><COLOR>11</COLOR><MINQTY>3</MINQTY></ITEM><ITEM><ITEMTYPE>P</ITEMTYPE><ITEMID>3009</ITEMID><COLOR>11</COLOR><MINQTY>1</MINQTY></ITEM><ITEM><ITEMTYPE>P</ITEMTYPE><ITEMID>3008</ITEMID><COLOR>11</COLOR><MINQTY>1</MINQTY></ITEM><ITEM><ITEMTYPE>P</ITEMTYPE><ITEMID>3003</ITEMID><COLOR>11</COLOR><MINQTY>10</MINQTY></ITEM> Thanks in advance for your help!