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  1. Looking for opinions… what do you generally do with random parts that have stickers applied, like in the picture? These are loose parts so I do not have the complete set and probably will not try to complete a set (except maybe Freeco Speeder 8085-1 which is missing only 2 parts). Are the stickered parts worth more to somebody, to complete a set, or not really worth worrying about? The stickers are not usually applied perfectly, and I can use the plain part more easily than the part with sticker on it. I’m not concerned about a few dollars more here and there; I just hate to peel off a sticker that somebody needs to complete their set. Maybe they have more trading value? What do you do? Tim
  2. 31058-1 Mighty Dinosaurs

    Legs.com BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS FOR 31058, MIGHTY DINOSAURS, LEGO CREATOR does show launch year 2016. And at least one eBay sale from December 2016. I think I got it in January, but sure I saw it in store in US before Christmas last year.
  3. Brown/gray Tehcnic?

    I just completed inventory of thrift store 10 lb lot containing many pieces from these Bionicle sets: 3542-1, 3545-1, 4606-1, 4606-1, 4746-1, 7670-1, 7671-1, 7713-1, 8102-1, 8105-1, 8565-1, 8575-1, 8593-1, 8622-1, 8685-1, 8699-1, 8762-1, 8764-1, 8811-1, 8912-1, 8914-1, 8915-1, 8924-1, 8981-1, 9811-1; take a look at these Vokhev. Most Technic parts in the lot were black and grays; there are even some browns, dark red, dark blue and dark green. You may find a lot of Bionicle parts work well for steampunk. many of the Bionicle parts in the lot have simulated hydraulic-like cylinders on them like on 41668, 53543, 32476; and many in the lot have gear segments like on 41666 and 41667.