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  1. Found 973pr3389c01 MINI UPPER PART NO. 3389 olive green volcano worker torso with radio with yellow hands in thrift store buy. I could not find this on Rebrickable or elsewhere with yellow hands but feel like it has not had its hands swapped. Does anybody else have this with yellow hands before I pull it apart? If so, where did it come from?
  2. Looking for opinions… what do you generally do with random parts that have stickers applied, like in the picture? These are loose parts so I do not have the complete set and probably will not try to complete a set (except maybe Freeco Speeder 8085-1 which is missing only 2 parts). Are the stickered parts worth more to somebody, to complete a set, or not really worth worrying about? The stickers are not usually applied perfectly, and I can use the plain part more easily than the part with sticker on it. I’m not concerned about a few dollars more here and there; I just hate to peel off a sticker that somebody needs to complete their set. Maybe they have more trading value? What do you do? Tim
  3. Legs.com BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS FOR 31058, MIGHTY DINOSAURS, LEGO CREATOR does show launch year 2016. And at least one eBay sale from December 2016. I think I got it in January, but sure I saw it in store in US before Christmas last year.
  4. I just completed inventory of thrift store 10 lb lot containing many pieces from these Bionicle sets: 3542-1, 3545-1, 4606-1, 4606-1, 4746-1, 7670-1, 7671-1, 7713-1, 8102-1, 8105-1, 8565-1, 8575-1, 8593-1, 8622-1, 8685-1, 8699-1, 8762-1, 8764-1, 8811-1, 8912-1, 8914-1, 8915-1, 8924-1, 8981-1, 9811-1; take a look at these Vokhev. Most Technic parts in the lot were black and grays; there are even some browns, dark red, dark blue and dark green. You may find a lot of Bionicle parts work well for steampunk. many of the Bionicle parts in the lot have simulated hydraulic-like cylinders on them like on 41668, 53543, 32476; and many in the lot have gear segments like on 41666 and 41667.