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  1. candella1

    Help-New to this-Submitting MOC parts list?

    Thanks so much TeagueO!! Super appreciate the help and information!! I'll give that a whirl and do both instructions
  2. I would like to submit a MOC, but I don't wanna mess things up before I begin. This would be my first time submitting. I could use some help and suggestions on how to go about doing the parts list for the MOC? I assume you might need to know what I'm using for building and instructions first? I created it, then "re-created" it using LDD. I imported the lxf file into "Blueprint" and created pdf instructions for it. The pdf has a parts list at the end of the instructions. I also exported the BOM from LDD. I took a photo of it already too. That's as far as I've gotten. The guidelines say you can import from a CAD file or add via the parts search. Pretty sure I don't have a CAD file to import? Does that leave me with adding parts using the search? I assume the "search method" is similar to adding parts to a personal parts list? Suggestions on whether I should submit both the lxf file AND pdf instructions, or just the pdf instructions would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance.
  3. candella1

    BrickHeadz Set 41594 Missing

  4. candella1

    BrickHeadz Set 41594 Missing

    BrickHeadz theme, sub-theme Disney, release-2017, Captain Armando Salazar, set 41594-1 is missing. Is there a hold until Lego adds the box and booklet images to the instructions? Thanks!
  5. candella1

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    Great news and thanks Thank you for clarification on images as well, good to know and much appreciated.
  6. candella1

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    I just recently purchased set 40237-1, Easter Egg Hunt, holiday theme, which was released this year-2017, and can't find it in the database to add to my sets lists. It would be awesome if someone could add it. I've included a picture of the set from BrickLink. I'm new so hope that's ok. Thanks in advance.