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  1. Sync to Brickset not working?

    @Nathan And indeed, the sync worked today. Many thanks for fixing this. @Lore Zyra Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I tried your approach as well, but that didn't help, the login go stuck every time again. Nathan has actually found a bug and fixed it.
  2. Hi all, I've been trying to sync my sets to Brickset several times in the last 3 days. I do that from the "my set lists" page. I always get the same behavior: After I key in the credentials (I ticked the "remember me" box), the login screen just stays there, but nothing seems to happen. I only have 37 sets, so even if you'd not show some kind of progress bar, I would not expect the sync to take several minutes. The login hash seems to be remembered, though, because the next time I clock on "sync sets to Brickset", I get a screen that asks me start the sync (and shows some warning). However, once I start the sync, I get a red error box reading "invalid login hash". I've tried this on the latest versions of Safari and Firefox on macOS 10.11.6, with and without add-ons activated. Unless there's some Flash thingy being used, I'm positive there's some issue here. Also note that I'm new to rebrickable, and I have thus never synced my set list to Brickset so far. Anyone else experiencing something like this? Thanks for your help Andreas