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  1. I believe I've described exactly the same issue in another post. I understand that technically the change might be quite difficult but it is very useful indeed. I would even say that without it it's not feasible for many users to build the awesome MOCs here on Rebrickable (unless you order extra parts for each MOC which is quite expensive).
  2. Well, I can imagine doing that as a workaround but the main problem comes when I want to disassemble the parts back to their original sets. Without a list of parts and their origin I'm quite screwed :-( Any ideas how to overcome this? (Of course without having to write down the parts manually.)
  3. I want to build a MOC from the parts out of my sets. The mentioned page allows me to iteratively choose the available sets and then subtract the corresponding parts from the MOC until every part is covered. The problem is that after that there seems to be no way to tell which parts are actually taken from which sets - all I get is only the list of sets which needs to be dismantled. I would appreciate ability to export the parts in table similar to the one I'm working with when choosing the sets, i.e. a table with columns: part/color - quantity - set of origin. I would use this table to return the parts back to their original sets after the MOC is dismantled. Or is there any other way to achieve this?
  4. kejv2

    B-Model Builds

    Aside: Shouldn't be the set types page updated? For example when I want to build an "idea" set (based on a picture from Idea book or back of the box) I currently have to mark it as a MOC - Alternate Build. To be honest I would prefer the ability to mark idea builds as LEGO Idea reBuilds (LIBs) but if the current MOC-based way is the official one the mentioned guide should be updated.
  5. Any update on this? Does it sound like a generally useful idea?
  6. I see the low quality image only in preview during MOC submission. Once is ready there's already the full quality image. So this is ok.
  7. And when I use the drag and drop option the picure is uploaded very low quality (much lower then original cca 5000x3000).
  8. Hi, I still see the problem with uploading image from file as described. I'm using Firefox 52.0.2 (64-bit) on Linux Mint 18.
  9. Thanks Nathan! I am afraid, though, that the fix introduced one small bug (or I didn't notice it before). The estimator widget for lost parts says something like: Estimated value: X (Based on Y% of the parts) When drillling e.g. into a specific category the Y value is way larger than 100 which seems little bit strange :-) Also can you consider showing total parts count instead of unique count in brackets after each drill down field? This seems to me as a more logical number upon first glance.
  10. 1) In Drill Downs part of My Lost Parts page there is a number in brackets after each specific category, color or set. I guess it denotes number of disticnt parts for that entry (number of all parts would perhaps be more in place here - but that's not the main problem). They seem to be correct except for the Sets drill downs where they apparently are somehow related to actual number of lost parts but not 100% accurate. 2) When I drill down into lost parts for a specific category, color or set a parts count info is shown like this:Showing X of Y unique parts/colors (Z total quantity) I believe that X and Y are correct but Z seems to relate to number of total lost parts instead of lost parts for the selected entry.
  11. I want to filter suggested sets based on theme, e.g. Technic, Creator etc. Since there's a limit of 15 suggested sets I am not always interested in those offered. For instance when I want to build a Technic MOC I might be more interested in obtaining missing parts by buying other Technic sets than e.g. Friends.
  12. I find the algorithm behind Suggested Sets quite strange since it sometimes misses obvious suggestions, i.e. with higher number of parts to increase build %. I suspect that the newer/recent sets are prefered even if they do not bring so many missing parts. Is this the correct/expected behaviour?
  13. kejv2

    Lost part from which set

    Ah, you probably mean the lost parts view from V2. I started using rebrickable only recently and V3 came after my first month here so I remember that view only little. To be fair I hated it a lot since it was pain in the ass to manage the parts there (every change in one set caused reload of all sets) :-) I find the current way a lot better.
  14. Hi, I am just reading this topic since currently I want to start building and perhaps submitting instructions of "official" idea sets, i.e. those on back of boxes or instructions. So until we get the "Related Sets" feature what is the right way to submit such an "idea set"? Also how can it be linked to an official "parent" set? I suppose that perhaps we can achieve this today with MOCs and "Alternative Builds" section. If that's the preferred way will there be any way how to migrate these ides MOCs to "Related Sets" once that feature is available?
  15. kejv2

    Lost part from which set

    You just click on a specific part's picture and then you see the breakdown by the sets the part is missing from.