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  1. Seems like it might be fixed now. At least I was able to edit a part on my page 3 (or something) yesterday.
  2. Chris38911 and Vokhev, you both described it better than me, hehe. And thank you for confirming that it's not only me, fair enough that I'm a newbie here, but my general understanding of how a webpage/database works shouldn't be that off. And at least for now I've been able to fix my stuff by selecting the colors and categories so that I only get one page with parts, because then it works of course since it's Page 1, but it would be great to have the whole thing fully functional of course. Thanks for the help
  3. Noop, only have one parts list
  4. This is still very much a problem for me. I made a mistake and added too many of a part in one color, but now it's impossible to edit it. When I go to my "parts list" and click on some of the parts it goes to the edit-page, and then others (most of 'em) it goes to that parts' detailed page where I'm only allowed to add parts and not subtract any. And with the part I added too many of being one of these that go to the detailed page, I'm stuck with a wrong "parts list". Anyone have any ideas, or is it a glitch that needs to be fixed?