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  1. Hi all! I just reached 100 supporters today. Next milestone is 1,000. I appreciate any support votes and sharing you can do. I would also take any input on the model. Cheers! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/75401d26-b144-4ecb-af72-39f69ba3055b
  2. Right, but that Theme drop down when you're submitting a moc makes those tags. So you can do it at the beginning when you're creating it, and it adds a couple right off the bat, or you can go through to completion and manually add it.
  3. We've got a couple Resistance sets out now, officially. It'd be nice to have a theme/category for MOCs that reflected that instead of "other." Thank you.
  4. To whom do we report errors on the shopping page? There's a listing for Voltron 21311 that's $67 on Amazon that links to the Ship in the Bottle set. It's been there for weeks.
  5. Yeah, I'd rather that too. Thanks for the input!
  6. Is it possible to have one of the external links go to a PayPal (or equivalent) donate thing? I don't mind having them up for free, they were originally, but if people would like to support continued models it'd be nice. Or is just asking for a Freemium mechanic in the description the best way to handle it?
  7. Not sure how that would work. Would you set up a $1 paypal link in the description. Ideally I'd almost rather have a tip jar or something.
  8. I've put up about 36 MOCs so far, all Microfighters. Up until yesterday they were free, but I decided to set them all at $1. It's pretty cheap, they're small models. I don't know that anyone's actually built any yet so I have no way of knowing. Anyway, today was the first day I actually submitted one as premium and was warned that the model was probably too small to be a premium set. Would that stop approval? What's the difference in getting it approved (most have been auto approved) and then changing to to premium after?
  9. Took less time than I thought. I took a few guesses on some things. The 2x2 red tiles I think are just being held by friction. I couldn't make a 1x2 with studs on both sides work AND have the 1x2 plates on top of them. You might find a better way to do them. There was also a small red line under the foundation. I couldn't tell if that was a bunch of plates or just maybe a cloth to hold it up. Also the roof tiles I have being held on by two clips in the center, assuming the rest will just bow up, but you might be able to squeeze in a couple more along the spine to hold it more. I couldn't see under there. Also, there are probably going to be a mix of 1x2 jumpers before I realized they pretty much all needed to be the 1x2 jumper with stud holder. So you may end up with a mix. Hope it works well for you and at least gives you a starting point. Miyajima Torii.io
  10. Okay, the only thing I think I may struggle with is knowing if this thing floats on the water or not. There aren't any technic bricks in light aqua so I don't think the shrine is actually attached to the water/base bricks. I can make some adjustments if that's not the case. Also, I can't bend tubes in stud.io, so the roof will probably be very straight and not very attached, but you can make it fit IRL.
  11. Cool. I can't promise anything because a) He's a great builder and probably uses some techniques I can't see in the photos and b) stud.io might have some limitations. That said, if I can get it, will you need instructions or will an .io file be enough?
  12. I could help you out. Doesn't look like it'd be that hard to reverse engineer. What's your time frame?
  13. It must be setting it to 100% of the available size then. I'm linking from Imgur, the medium square size, which I think is only 300 wide. I'll try the table trick. Thanks!
  14. This seems stupid but I can't find an answer. I've posted a couple MOCs that have an in post image as well as the title image. When I'm editing it, it looks like a good size. When I save it and publish and it gets approved, it looks huge. I've tried the [ img=widthxheight] tag as well as the as well, but neither work. What am I missing?
  15. If you have it open, on the right, there should be a Step List under the Color Palette. If they've broken it up by steps, you should see them in there. If you want to go step by step, make sure Step View is checked, then you can select each step and see what's in it.