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  1. "This Part is disabled and cannot be used." https://rebrickable.com/parts/52345/minifig-helmet-sw-luminara-unduli/#comments Is not this a mistake? It is not specified which card will replace this card for this brick. Other catalogs (bricklinks) normally exist and work.
  2. I tried to add a set. All right. I tried to add a brick. All right. Print Screen was with this page: https://www.rebrickable.com/sets/10248-1/ferrari-f40/#sets
  3. I do not know if you want this:
  4. The same ones problem other place: I wanted to add to their set lists. Click on: "+ Add Set to List/Inv" But nothing happens. :-( I tried the more Chrome and nothing too.
  5. I find concrete brick in the database rebrickable. But when I want to add by pressing the "+ Use part" Click the button, but append a new window not pops up. Maybe minifig torso - does not work, minifig head - does not work, but the brick modifeit works. The second day of the graduation same ones it also does not work. It takes issue with Firefox, Chrome, Opera. And on another PC (notebook)