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  1. azzer86

    Problems getting past Step 1 in submitting an MOC

    Thanks Also - Apologies with my delayed thanks.
  2. azzer86

    Problems getting past Step 1 in submitting an MOC

    Edit: It does work through my mobile - but this is a lot of hassle. When I go back to using my PC, it defaults back to step 1 and I have the same 'save and continue' problem. But at least it saves the changes I've made on my mobile [upload image etc].
  3. Hi - I'm new to the forums and submitting MOCs. [Wasn't sure whether to post in Help or Bugs forum] A couple of months ago when the site was V2, I tried submitting my Tantive IV interior MOC and got as far as the instruction page (which I hadn't made at the time and didn't realise there was a time limit on a submission). The page got deleted and so I went away and made sure I had all the models/files ready to try again. Now that I have all the required bits to submit my MOC (registered with number 7707), but I am experiencing issues. When I click 'Save and Next Step' to get to step 2, a box appears saying 'Pending MOC saved' and nothing else happens. I tried finding some of the parts and used the 'add to MOC' hoping this might help me bypass step 1 but to no avail. I didn't have this issue previously on V2? When I click 'save and next step' the hyperlink is adds '/#step2'. Hope I've given enough information for someone to help me out Thanks, Win 7 64 bit; Internet explorer 11.0.9600.18638