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  1. The minifig head, Bricklink 3626cpb1695, appears to be missing from the database.
  2. There is a very minor problem with the listing. "Hat" is spelled incorrectly.
  3. Set 7597, Western Train Chase, is missing a part from its instructions parts list. The set is part of Toy Story and contains Dr. Evil Porkchop, but it does not list it bowler hat. Bricklink lists the hat as Pig Bowler Hat, 89992. How can I add this part? Thanks
  4. There appears to be a discrepancy with numbering at BrickSet. The LEGO My Travel Companion (Travel Building Suitcase) has Rebrickable number 5004932 and BrickSet number 5004932-1. The numbering difference makes it impossible to import the set to BrickSet.
  5. The following polypacks appear to be missing: 30425, Ninjago, and 30402, Friends. Images of both packs are at: Thanks
  6. Links to the photos of the front and back of the Minecraft Skin pack 2 are: and I'm sorry that the package is empty. Thanks for your help including this set.
  7. The Minecraft Skin Pack 2 (853610-1) appears to be missing.
  8. Brick Link lists the 1 x 2 brick [part]3004[/part] as available in trans-purple, but Rebrickable lists this color as unavailable and a color error.
  9. The three parts of the Minifig, Zombie Pigman (min021), appear to be missing. The parts and their Brick Link numbers are: head (19729pb008); torso (973pb2144c01); and legs (970c104pb01).
  10. I cannot find Yellow Minifig, Head Modified Cube with Minecraft Blaze Face Pattern, Brick Link 19729pb007, in the database.
  11. I have a custom To Build list and am trying to determine if I am missing any parts. I have a Parts list that has almost all the needed parts. When I try to "Build this List," the system finds only a small number of the parts that I have in my inventory. My Parts list is set to "Use These Parts in Build calculations." I am unsure how to correct the problem or to track down the cause. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks, I will try it.