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  1. Thanks thea, I appreciate your help
  2. I have a custom To Build list and am trying to determine if I am missing any parts. I have a Parts list that has almost all the needed parts. When I try to "Build this List," the system finds only a small number of the parts that I have in my inventory. My Parts list is set to "Use These Parts in Build calculations." I am unsure how to correct the problem or to track down the cause. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks, I will try it.
  4. Thanks again, and I'm sorry to take your time with a non-issue.
  5. Thanks for the comment. I hope that there will be a solution for this problem as I suspect that it affects a lot of builders.
  6. I have more than one set of some of my models and am running into two problems. First, I can't show that one set is built while the others are still boxed. Second, I want to add notes specific to each set but can't figure out how to do it. Are these limitations with the system, or am I not clever enough to figure out how to do them? If it's the latter, I would appreciate any suggestions for doing what I want to do.
  7. The legs assembly 970c00pb045 , for Space Police 3 Officer 3 is missing.
  8. The head 3626bpb0303 for Space Police 3 Officer 1 (5969) is missing.
  9. The head, 3626bpb0752, which is part of Zombie Chef is missing.
  10. The torso, 973pb1216c01, which is part of the Zombie Chef is not in the database.
  11. When I search for 3626cpb1029, it shows 3626cpr1326. 1326 has freckles while 1029 does not.
  12. Missing BrickLink 3001pb072
  13. When I search for 973pb0321c02, it shows 973pr1192c01. Part 973pb0321c01 exists in the database; c01 has light flesh hands while c02 has yellow hands.
  14. The minifig head, which bricklink lists as 3626cpb0122b, is missing. It is similar to 3625cpr1665 except that the missing part has red eyebrows rather than brown ones.
  15. BrinkLink gives each minifigure an ID and identifies the individual parts that make up the minifigure. It would be helpful if Rebrickable allowed using ids in parts lists or, at the least, treat minifigures as a kind of set with their own parts.