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  1. Brick Link lists the 1 x 2 brick [part]3004[/part] as available in trans-purple, but Rebrickable lists this color as unavailable and a color error.
  2. The three parts of the Minifig, Zombie Pigman (min021), appear to be missing. The parts and their Brick Link numbers are: head (19729pb008); torso (973pb2144c01); and legs (970c104pb01).
  3. I cannot find Yellow Minifig, Head Modified Cube with Minecraft Blaze Face Pattern, Brick Link 19729pb007, in the database.
  4. Thanks thea, I appreciate your help
  5. I have a custom To Build list and am trying to determine if I am missing any parts. I have a Parts list that has almost all the needed parts. When I try to "Build this List," the system finds only a small number of the parts that I have in my inventory. My Parts list is set to "Use These Parts in Build calculations." I am unsure how to correct the problem or to track down the cause. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks, I will try it.
  7. Thanks again, and I'm sorry to take your time with a non-issue.
  8. Thanks for the comment. I hope that there will be a solution for this problem as I suspect that it affects a lot of builders.
  9. I have more than one set of some of my models and am running into two problems. First, I can't show that one set is built while the others are still boxed. Second, I want to add notes specific to each set but can't figure out how to do it. Are these limitations with the system, or am I not clever enough to figure out how to do them? If it's the latter, I would appreciate any suggestions for doing what I want to do.
  10. The legs assembly 970c00pb045 , for Space Police 3 Officer 3 is missing.
  11. The head 3626bpb0303 for Space Police 3 Officer 1 (5969) is missing.
  12. The head, 3626bpb0752, which is part of Zombie Chef is missing.
  13. The torso, 973pb1216c01, which is part of the Zombie Chef is not in the database.
  14. When I search for 3626cpb1029, it shows 3626cpr1326. 1326 has freckles while 1029 does not.
  15. Missing BrickLink 3001pb072