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  1. Okay, tried again to check and it has done what you said it should do and saved the name this time, so not sure what I was doing wrong before. Thanks Nathan
  2. I've just checked again, it has now kept my city and country, but still will not allow me to change my username. I'm wanting to change it to LegoGlen, maybe that is already taken, I don't get any message notifying me of this though.
  3. I'm using crome on a Samsung tablet, I don't get any java script errors. I'll try on my laptop and see if I have any luck on that.
  4. I want to update my user name and add my city and country, but tried 3 time and it keeps reverting back even though I have clicked save changes.
  5. Excellent, thank you, I thought it would be there somewhere, making my custom list now. Thanks for your help.
  6. When I view a MOC it gives me a list of required parts I need to buy and I can click multi buy and order the parts, I love this feature and have used it for a few MOCs already. I'm now making my own MOC but require a few extra parts. Can I make a little list of the parts I need and then use it with multi buy?