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  1. whataslacker

    Logging In

    It disappears with even the slightest movement down the screen. Most people are using the scroll button on a mouse and not the bar at the side. For anyone new to the site this is going to be an issue. And not everybody logs in immediately upon coming to the site. I like to browse and if I get a notice about I MOC I go check it out. At that point, if I wish to comment, there is no visible way to log in. Anyone new or unfamiliar with this new setup is going to get very frustrated VERY quickly. I know I am.
  2. whataslacker

    Logging In

    Actually it is the new site design. The log in area at the top of the page disappears should you scroll down even the slightest. This is the most important aspect of the site and should remain on all pages at all times. No matter where you wind up on a page you should be able to log in quick and easy not have to scroll all the way back to the top to find it.
  3. whataslacker

    Logging In

    Since the site change I cannot figure out how to log in. There is no quick and easy way to log into the accounts. I have to pretend to submit a MOC to find the login screen. Why isn't there a log in option in the top navigation menu?