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  1. set 60108-1 has 2x 11297 should be 1x
  2. ok the canoes are there but the part no is 33590 in inventory but the ones i got are part no 6021
  3. yes i have notice that ...another part that need to be added to database for the set https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=3069bpb551&idColor=13#T=C&C=13 there are 8 in set
  4. 1st thing that can be added is 2x 6021 Boat - Canoe in olive green
  5. ok i just bought it so ill have a look at what i can do
  6. 70623-1 Destiny's Shadow should have 360 pieces not 344
  7. whoops so it is
  8. this needs to be added then needs to be added too set 70608 Master Falls set
  9. 60147-1: Fishing Boat missing around 19 pieces
  10. 32807 and 6091 are another one i swear are same
  11. awesome done that was easy enough
  12. how do i submit spare/extra parts to a set got 60143-1: Auto Transport Heist and there are no spares on list so when i build set i would like to ad them
  13. got 30426-1 - Stealthy Swamp Airboat Waiting for Approval missing 3 minifig parts co there new no idea how to add them
  14. 60143-1: Auto Transport Heist - says 355 pieces its got 403
  15. yes i do have both i only found out looking at all my parts on here yes there are 2 diff red ones maybe ill have to dig around in my lego and look at them and see if i can find anything different