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  1. Mccaphrey

    Adding lost parts

    That did it. Thank you!
  2. Mccaphrey

    Adding lost parts

    I have successfully added several lost parts, so I understand how to do it, but for some reason I am unable to add lost parts from one set. The set is #31015 (Creator: Emerald Express). I have added the set to one of my lists, but when I click on a part (any part, in fact) and try to mark it as lost, the site tells me "You must have set 31015-1 in your Set Lists collection before you can Lose parts from it". I have removed and added the set numerous times to see if this would help. I have also logged out and logged back into the site. Nothing seems to work. As I said above I have been able to add all other missing parts from all of my sets.