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  1. Im not entirely sure were else to put this, but I recently submitted 2 inventory change requests on some of the final wave Exoforce sets. In the last request, admin TobyMac has asked if there were multiple versions of the sets released with either group of the replaced parts. As far as ive been able to piece together, it seems the original 60475a parts were shown in all of the promo, boxart and instruction manuals, but every review, display case or personal copies of the sets have had the replaced parts. It seems weird that they changed the inventory so late into production, but it's possible that the original parts were either not ready for full release, or they were still finishing the molds for mass production. The attached review shows an image of the included sheet I mentioned. I still have 2 copies of the sheet stored away, perhaps they technically count as spare parts?
  2. I am 100% certain I replicated it exactly. No bit of framework was guessed, and even the slightest hint of a specific part or colour was not ignored until correctly chosen. There were additionally a handful of youtube channels who attempted their own recreation (albeit with several blatantly wrong assumptions) who managed to get a personal look at aspects of the original (such as the trailing gold coat tails) and showed exactly how it was designed. My own copy I am completely sure is correct, when referenced to the original, and other fan attempts, it always is identical. But if there is nothing else that can be proven, I suppose ill begin on a MOC inventory. Perhaps I could do 2 listings for the modified shoulder joints. I had a similar question about Krahka, a 2004 bionicle combination that shared a similar fate, only a handful of breakdown images in an official book. But if suppose ill just have an excuse to begin uploading MOCs and strange sets that were never widespread like Agil.
  3. Makuta is essentially the main villain of either bionicle generation. He had an official set for his first incarnation, but never for the 2015/2016 reboot. This link is a general story about him, with the first image as his depiction in the Netflix series. In October of 2016, the design team for bionicle released this promo video of an official contest to have fans design their own Makuta Later, this series of images was released as a general guide to recreate the set(although the mask was never released). And stated the build contained parts exclusively from 70790, 70795, 71303, 71308, 71309, 71310 and 71316.[email protected]/sets/72157670900951320 I've also attached 2 images of the replica ive made, you might be able to see the ball-joint change in the unfinished shoulder assembly (I believed the original required 1 black axle ball too many). The mask was obtained from a fan who accurately recreated the piece and sold it through Shapeways.
  4. I wanted to know if anyone had objections to submitting a complete inventory of the Gen 2 Makuta that was never released. I spent about 8 hours a few months ago carefully analyzing all of the official images created of the unreleased Bionicle Gen 2 Makuta. I am 100% confident I managed to recreate the set exactly as it was designed. The only discrepancies is an unavoidable redesign of the shoulder pauldron framework (they used a handful of parts excessive to what was contained in the required sets) and a 3d printed version of the custom mask. If I were to submit this inventory, should it be labeled as a MOC, or have an official combiner set listing, similar to bionicle/roborider/slizer combiners?