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  1. For example, I hit sets of 9398 42043 42000 and wanted to build something from the technician. At the end of the list is 8880 with a negative value.
  2. Before the redesign of the site this was no problem, everything is always displayed correctly. I have this section ("suggested sets") always displays only 15 sets. Maybe it's because I don't upgrade my plan (I have now Free Plan)?
  3. Hello. I have now in profile set 42043 and 42000. For example, I want to build MOS-0830 Tow Truck (based 5571)). I click this button and in the section set menu there is a list "suggested sets" in which the details are clearly smaller (These LEGO Sets have some of the missing parts.) That is, there are actually 5571 more details in the set but it is not displayed. And such a problem with all the sets.