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  1. i will let you know how i do it when i get some bulk second hand lego , maybe it will help . if i have instruction manuel i will create a new "part list "with the set # for reference.then i make sure to not use any parts of my " set list" and "part list" to build . then i search for the set # ( you should have 0 parts ) an click on "build this set " once the new pages open i just click on the part that i have , adjust the qty i have into the part list you just created . once i a while i refresh the page to get accurate count of what i need to complete this set, when you used up all of the part you have you can see what part you are missing. when you are working with multiple part list it's very easy to make a mistake when you are adding some part because you have to scroll down to the right list every time ( even in bulk edit ) the trick that i use to help reduce this mistake is before i start adding a lot of part to a certain list i modified the part list name by adding a 0 (zero)in front of the name so this list will be first in the part list when you add part , this way reducing the mistake of adding part to the wrong list hope this will help
  2. hello , would it be possible to add set # 45804-1 Names : Hydro Dynamics Year : 2017 Theme : FIRST LEGO league thank you in advance
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    torso # 973pb0118c01 from set # 4714