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  1. Hi thanks for replying, sadly I've tried that and it makes no difference at all
  2. Hi can anyone help, I'm looking to build a very large MOC and have over 20 sets that I want to take pieces from to build it. How can i print the table off that shows me all the pieces from individual sets. Or is there a way to make the font size smaller so it's a lot easier to read. i need to take out 8000 pieces and using the format displayed is going to be extremely difficult to do. thanks stephen
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    Build list

    Yes that's the one. How do I print this?
  4. Stephenb6134

    Build list

    Hi thanks for the reply, what I'm looking to print is the big table with each part down left side along with all of my sets along the top. It will make taking pieces from my sets a whole lot easier. I managed it about a year ago but can't seem to manage it now. How do I do this? thanks stephen
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    Build list

    Hi, I'm planning on building a MOC and would prefer If I could print the build list/part list off. How do I do this?? Thanks Stephen