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  1. SimLego

    Updating LDraw Images

    As long as the file is stored within the virtual Empire of Rebrickable, there is no reason to name it anything else than the Rebrickable part number. Plus ".dat", of course. It depends on how many "humans" will have access to your LDraw files. Any rendering software will not care if you even write a header or not. Basically, the renderer just cares for the five type 1 lines (for one torso, two arms, and two hands.) The original work of my shortcut is actually made by Leonardo Zide, and who knows where he's copied it from, or if he used some Minifig Generator. So you are free to put your name there - or omit that line if it's just going to be used by rendering software. So, for 973pr1244c01, where LDraw has one number for the torso, BrickLink another, and Rebrickable yet a third one, you are free to use any file name you like. But I believe it is most convenient to stick with the Rebrickable number. And the lines of the header are all optional, the only purpose for them is to make it easier for those who have access to the actual LDraw files you create/generate. 0 Torso Mechanic Blue Overalls, Tools in Pocket Print / Medium Blue Arms / Yellow Hands 0 Name: 973pr1244c01.dat 0 // torso 1 16 0 -72 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 973p8z.dat 0 // or use color code 73 directly 0 // arms 1 73 -15.552 -63 0 0.9855 -0.1699 0 0.1699 0.9855 0 0 0 1 3818.dat 1 73 15.552 -63 0 0.9855 0.1699 0 -0.1699 0.9855 0 0 0 1 3819.dat 0 // hands 1 14 -23.552 -46 -10 0.942 0.335 0.0072 -0.2404 0.6906 -0.6821 -0.2336 0.6409 0.7312 3820.dat 1 14 23.552 -46 -10 0.942 -0.335 0.0072 0.2404 0.6906 -0.6821 0.2336 0.6409 0.7312 3820.dat 0
  2. SimLego

    Updating LDraw Images

    Like I said, I have to get the making of those shortcuts automized somehow, and right now I have no programming enviroment installed in any of my computers, so it might take a while for me to even get started on this huge project. But at least it's in my pipline. /SimLego
  3. SimLego

    Updating LDraw Images

    Of course it is OK. I thought about doing that in the first place, but realized it could cause some other problems when viewed directly in an LDraw viewer.
  4. SimLego

    Updating LDraw Images

    I hope this isn't too off-topic, but I found nowhere else to post it. If there is no official LDraw shortcut for a specific assembly, for example 973p47c01 or any torso + arms + hands for that matter, would it be possible to store unofficial shortcuts locally and auto-generate LDraw images for Rebrickable? As I understand it, currently Rebrickable only checks the existence of of an LDraw file at Ldraw-org. (I made this shortcut in Notepad, but there must be some way to make it more automized I hope.) 0 973p47c01 Torso Castle Classic Shield Red/Gray Print / Light Gray Arms / Yellow Hands 0 Name: 973p47c01.dat 0 Author: Tore Eriksson 0 Unofficial LDraw Shortcut 0 // torso 1 4 0 -72 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 973p47.dat 0 // arms 1 7 -15.552 -63 0 0.9855 -0.1699 0 0.1699 0.9855 0 0 0 1 3818.dat 1 7 15.552 -63 0 0.9855 0.1699 0 -0.1699 0.9855 0 0 0 1 3819.dat 0 // hands 1 14 -23.552 -46 -10 0.942 0.335 0.0072 -0.2404 0.6906 -0.6821 -0.2336 0.6409 0.7312 3820.dat 1 14 23.552 -46 -10 0.942 -0.335 0.0072 0.2404 0.6906 -0.6821 0.2336 0.6409 0.7312 3820.dat 0
  5. Currently, I get 404 errors every now and then at Rebrickable. Most of the times when I move parts in bulk.
  6. No, I disagree with both. 'p' is enough for Printed. "pr" or "pt" is just unnecessary and confusing. Three zeroes makes no sence, and don't forget the digit patterns: 3005pr00013, 3005pr00012, 3005pr00021, 3005pr00031... 3005pa through 3005pd (or pe) is perfectly enough to state that it's a 3005 with print and font a through d (or e). So, i suggest: 3005 = base part number p = print/pattern a = Serif Font (most likely Embossed CA(???)) oldest first - if we are able to date them... a = Letter A, ae = Danish AE, ao = Å (A with Ring), a2 = Ä (A Dieresis) And no suffix; it will only be a source of confusion and potential naming conflicts with the special, non-English characters or math signs. As much as I would love to have separate part names for the CA parts, I don't think it's realistic. That would mean *many* new parts, from basic 3001, 3002... 3020... 3024... 3032, 3034... through Classic Windows and I just don't know all. And to be honest, I have a hard time telling the black or the white CA parts from those in ABS. Once I thought it's just to look at the LEGO logo on the studs, but there are several exceptions. My way to deal with the problem is to simply have them on separate lists. And I think the only realistic way to go for now is to keep it that way.
  7. Yes, they attached well in my childhood. But CA ages in maybe 10 years. When they got worse, I recall tearing off small pieces of paper and put them between the parts, helping them to stay. But now we're getting off-topic here. I miss the thin, quite "zoomed in" font. I most wrongly call it "the British font" since I got most of them from the UK. I'm not sure about the rightmost column, but I believe they belong to this variant. Let's see if I'm able to attach a picture here...
  8. Yes, there are a lot of considerations that must be taken before you begin to reorganize! First: Decide how many different series should be counted as unique. I can directly think of four - without even having a look into my own collection, or the LDraw library, or how BrickLink has organized them. Then, decide for a good and consistent part numbering. Then, a good way to describe them, so they are sorted in a reasonable and overviewable way. Handling both math symbols and non-English letters, both in the part numbering and the descriptions. Before all these issues are resolved, noone should be messing around with the official Rebrickable libraries, IMO. PS. Please note that some variants occured in both CA and ABS versions. I separate them in my collection, because I build with ABS parts, but (almost) only collect CA since they generally are warped and virtually impossible to build with. DS.
  9. I'm not at all happy with those extremely long names (or part descriptions for that matter) either. They either make lists crash or make columns unnecessarily wide.
  10. Never seen them before. But I can buy 2832 and 2833 from the Netherlands and submit them to the LDraw Parts Tracker if you really want. But that would take two or three weeks.
  11. I'm sorry if your IMO quite strange rules cause you problems.
  12. Neither have I. So is it ok to submit inventory change requests here? Set: 7516-1 - Cool Starry Jewels 4 pcs - Tr-Light Blue - 45463 - Clikits Icon - Small Star with Pin should be: 4 pcs - Tr-Light Blue - 46286 - Clikits Icon - Small Star with Hole [Polished]
  13. This part: 73092 Magnet Cylindrical goes with this: 2609b Magnet Holder Tile 2 x 2 - Tall Arms with Deep Notch or this: 2607 Magnet Holder 2 x 3
  14. LDraw bb236bc01 Electric, Connector, 2 Way male Rounded Narrow Type 2 with Cross-Cut Pins LDraw: 567c01 "Electric Plug (Type 2) Twin with Cross-Cut Pin (Complete)"
  15. Ok, thank you! Here's another one. LDraw 655 Hinge Brick 1 x 8 Complete Assembly LDraw: 652c01 "Hinge Brick 1 x 8 (Complete)" /Tore