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  1. Thank you for approving my photos and for explaining the procedure to me. I'm sorry if my question sounded dumb, but I am new to Rebrickable and am really enjoying the site! (I wish I had discovered it earlier!). I just wanted to do my part by helping in any way I can. Since I have some of the pieces which are missing photos, I thought I'd add their images. I wasn't familiar about the approval procedure and just wanted to make sure that the photos I submitted are of the correct dimensions/resolution/format etc. If I may make a suggestion, perhaps you could add a line somewhere on Photo Submission page or the FAQ just stating that all submitted photos will first have to be approved by a Moderator before they appear on their respective page and this may take time depending on how many photos are pending submission. Or something to that effect, just for noobs like myself! . Thank you once again.
  2. I recently submitted two images to parts that had no photos of their own. But the images do not appear on the part page. Why is this? Do the images first have to be approved by an admin before they appear on the part's page? Just wanted to know the procedure because other people's submitted images appear instantly.