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  1. Sorry, I was on vacation and then enjoying some nice influenza. Yes, I have a box full of Fabuland figures, which I could check. I have been planning to build a small "light box" to be used with the scanner to get better images, but lately I have not had any time. Maybe next weekend...
  2. Ok. Is there anything that I could do to help here?
  3. I noticed that the Fabuland minifigs are listed under "Minifigs" instead of "Non-buildable Figures (Duplo, Fabuland, etc)". As there are 8000+ parts in "Minifigs" and only <150 parts in "Non-buildable Figures (Duplo, Fabuland, etc)" I think it would be a usability improvement to move them to the latter category. Also logically this makes sense as they are non-buildable in a similar way as the newer Duplo figures.
  4. Is this the picture you were looking for? https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/82510-dont-throw-away-your-old-warped-cellulose-acetate-lego/ Unfortunately I do not have too many of these bricks and I think the only way such a construction would hold is to clue the parts together... I need to think about this.
  5. The scanner seems to work fine for small parts, but Fabuland figures are already too big. The problem is not the size, but the moving head, as the scanner lid turns it into a wrong position all the time (and the background is not white at all as the lid is so far away). So next I need to build a setup to take real photos of these with a nice white background. I assume that photos are relevant only for parts where not other pictures are available?
  6. I noticed this problem, but did not figure out that it was due to the material. I guess there is no value in keeping these parts for any purposes..
  7. Everything is mixed. It is interesting to see how many different variants of the basic bricks there are over the past 50 years (my oldest sets are from when my mother was a child).
  8. Thanks. Just submitted my first (scanned) photo, let's see how it works. -smile- Next I need to see how to take pictures with a camera to be able to get better angles and be able to process bigger parts as well.
  9. Are there any instructions on how to take a good photo of a part? It seems that I could contribute with pictures from the Fabuland parts I own, so I am thinking about the best way to take the photos...
  10. I guess the latest Ninjago sets such as 70606 are still missing? Any information on timeline when these would be available?
  11. I will keep this in mind. In this case I am not able to help since I have never owned the actual packages and also only have a subset of the parts. I was looking at these sets just to understand what I actually have and what I am missing...
  12. I am unable to locate any Duplo Bob the Builder sets: https://brickset.com/sets/instructions2/theme-Duplo/subtheme-Bob-the-Builder
  13. Thanks. Working on the required points. What is the official source for information about spare parts? I have some other (older) sets, where my remaining parts do not match the listed spare parts exactly. Have I lost some parts and forgotten to include some in the build or might the list be wrong? (This is Mercedes Benz Arocs 3245 so manual check would take quite some time...)
  14. I think in 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train half (i.e. 4 out of 8) of 5799 Train Wheel Spoked with Technic Axle Hole and Rubber Friction Band are spare parts? The rest of the parts currently listed as I agree with. (I am not able to raise change requests yet...)
  15. No moveable parts, but they do consist of two pieces of plastic joined together. It could well be that the actual element or design id is inside. So your assumption is that the printed number is not specifying the assembly (in a similar fashion as the element id), but only the manufacturing batch?