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  1. I would agree with you, but Simon has a good point that having them there could serve a purpose to users who organize their collections differently. Maybe someday there could be an option to include or exclude the box alternates in settings.
  2. One small fix that would be easy to make is to change what is listed as an alternate build for a certain set on that set's page. For example, with 31059 Sunset Street Bike, the Official B-models are counted as alternate builds. So on the set's "alternate builds" tab, it says that there are 10 alternate builds, but in reality there are only 8 with 2 B-models. Again, this is only on the set's page, 31059 > alternate builds, not on the MOCs > alternate builds > Creator > 2016 tab. Going through the MOCs > alternate builds > Creator > 2016 the 31059 alternate builds are listed correctly as 8. The same is true for set 31027 Blue Racer. On 31027's page, it says there are 137 alternate builds, when in reality there are 134 alternates (plus one modification) and and two B-models. IMO all B-models should not be counted as alternate builds.
  3. Thank you! That's fine; I could see that totally getting abused too.
  4. IMO MOC designers having the ability to report (or even delete) comments on their creations would be a good improvement for this site. It would be very beneficial because it would allow the designer of a MOC to have some kind of control over what is posted on their creation. The admin already does a great job keeping the comments on rebrickable clean, but it would take it up a small notch if MOC designers were allowed to report or delete comments on their creations themselves.
  5. Can I get your opinion on this https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-13503/Turbo8702/75910-porsche-911/#comments please?
  6. Ahh I see. I would agree the spam filters do come in handy in that regard. Do you know if there is a way for them to distinguish between regular comments and inappropriate ones?
  7. Sometimes when I reply to a comment with a "Thank you!" or "Thanks! Glad you like it" I get a notification that says it's spam because too repetitive. I guess I've posted those comments too many times before? I think it would be good to somehow change the system to allow comments like "Thanks!" to be posted more often without getting marked as spam.
  8. One thing I would really enjoy is the ability to add tags to a MOC before I submit it. As it is right now, I usually end up forgetting to go back to my MOC and add the tags. Not a drastic change, but it's one that I feel would come in handy for both myself and a lot of other users too.
  9. Now all recent MOCs have 69 views, which is weird because buidme's Early 911 had over 1000 views the other day...
  10. Does anyone know why all of the most recent MOCs including my https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-10180/Turbo8702/5866-fighter-jet/#comments have 21350 views?
  11. I did not receive a spare part 3623 (1x3 plate) in bright blue, but the inventory here says there should be one. Am I unlucky or is anyone else missing this part?