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  1. Thank you thea, your answer was very helpful, I am on level 6 already :). I am a mother and just started to have fun from lego with my son who started his jorney with Duplo bricks, but I think soon he will also build something more complicated. As we already have more then 1000 different duplo bricks I wanted to find more projects that we could build from duplo bricks but unfortunately the selection isn't so wide...So there is a plenty of opportunities to make our own MOCs and present them here So the sets I could not find are 10819-1 (My first Garden, released 2016) and 10838-1 (Pets, also 2017 i think).
  2. Hi! I signed up yesterday. I updated my profile, saved the Lego sets I already have and also created part lists. I already have 2 sets that are not in the site data base and would like to submit them. And also wanted to add some part pictures. Unfortunalely by doing all this I have earned only 8 points and do not know what more can I do to earn enough points to qualify to level 3. I don't want to buy anything right now, just study the site features and see how it all works. The help topics say that it is ieasy for an active user to reach level 3. I am an active new user and for me it is not so easy now to figure out what else could I do next to get a higher level. I just started to get to know this home page and it's features and would be happy for any suggestions. Thank you for reading this.