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  1. I have some old duplo sets recovered from my parents, and all seem to be missing. Nothing dramatic (it's duplo), but wanted to share anyway as there was an old goal to add also old duplo sets. Dont have anymore instructions or boxes or part lists Following sets 028-1 : 1979, Nursery Furniture, Duplo082-1: 1976, Legoville, Preschool2037-1: 1983, Spin-A-Coaster, Duplo2620-1: 1980, Sports Car, Duplo532-1:1976, Pull Along Ducks, Duplo
  2. thnx that helps a lot. I was more thinking on the legal consequences, and will follow the rules
  3. Hello, if i understand correctly these alternative builds @Nathan needsto confirm? https://rebrickable.com/sets/6681-1/police-van/#alt_builds https://rebrickable.com/sets/6691-1/red-cross-helicopter/#alt_builds As they seem to be made based on models (without instructions) printed on the manuals http://peeron.com/scans/6681-1/2 http://peeron.com/scans/6691-1/8 .... that would be really pitty as you then need to find the old manuals to get a picture of the possible alternative build
  4. It's nof fully clear yet, as i have a similar/same question but cannot make up the rules that must be obeyed. 1) providing instructions (you created yourself) for an official set which lego provided full instructions is allowed or not? .. i guess not, but being able to find these sets browsing mocs would be very handy 2) providing alternative builds for a set, for which lego provided a picture on the box/manual, but no detailed instructions, seems to be fine as i can find such mocs .. corect? but what if someone did the same, but the moc is not listed on rebrickable.com but on another website...? would that ge copyright violation as this can occur as i will not be the only one trying to provide instructions for these models 3) A variant of question 1) if the answer one 1) would be "not allowed" .. . what if you makeinstructions for an official set, but just change 1 brick/layout? This would make instructions available, but with just a minor detail change The main purpose of this question is that i collected my old sets/ idea books from my parents home, and want to have all the instructions on rebrickable ( findable when browsing mocs) for the official sets, and what appears as example on the box/manual
  5. mboehlen

    new moc

    Wanted to show the duplo creation made with my 3 year old daughter, but submitting a moc requires building instructions and part list, and that quite impossible when the reation is destroyec already a few minutes later. Is there a place where creations can be stored without a full instructions and part list Size is about 66x103x48, and contains about 150 pieces
  6. @thea see photos attached, and in the end bought nothing new as my wife is already telling i am buying for myself instead for our daughter
  7. @thea i'm sorry, but the box is already gone, and the information you are looking for is not in the leaflets. But i might be passing in a play store, and the information might be on the outside of the box, and then i'll take a picture.
  8. Two missing new duplo sets 10840-1: Big Fair , 2017 , Duplo https://brickset.com/sets/10850-1/My-First-Birthday-Cake 10850-1: My First Birthday Cake, 2017 , Duplo https://brickset.com/sets/10840-1/Big-Fair
  9. deleted my reply as i found the thread where to ask for missing sets to be added