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  1. Cool, will be interested to see the final design.
  2. ok, here are a couple of photos. Studs fit in nicely. The first photo of it on its back shows a less than conventional arrangement, which makes a slightly less rigid connection to a plate below it.
  3. Not sure, I will have a look tonight when I have finished work, and let you know.
  4. It's ok, I found it. It has part number fabaj3.
  5. Hi I am trying to find out the part number of the following piece. It is genuine Lego, looks quite old, and the only numbers inside is a 3 and a 01. It looks like it might be the front of a car, but not really sure. Thanks for your help Brian
  6. Hi all I recently bought a bag of lego bits from a charity shop, mainly ninjago. Included were two pieces I have not seen before, and I have no idea what set they might be from. On the green version, there is a part number 92548 on the green disc which is about 6*6 in size. It is screwed into the purple base as seen on the left of the second picture with 3 stardrive screws, which are small, T8 or maybe T6. my smallest stardrive screwdriver is a T10. I was going to remove it so I could get a better look at the part number, and any other information. I can see a copyright date of 2009. also 08-602 but this may carry on underneath the lug, but I cannot tell at the moment because I cannot remove the screws for a better look. The grey connection in the middle when turning allows another grey piece under it to move in and out, suggesting that something attached to it might move perpendicular to the edge on view of the whole item. On the back (2nd picture) is a small 2*2 disc which covers the connecting peg of the innermost grey piece as seen on the first picture though I have not succeeded in removing that yet. I looked on the rebrickable database for a part number 92548 but nothing shows up. I have looked at all parts in trans green and nothing remotely looks like it. Hope someone knows what it is, and what set it came from etc. Thanks Brian
  7. Hi I would like us to have the ability to look through our parts and sets lists in order of when the parts/sets were added. This would be particularly useful when adding large numbers of loose parts which have been purchased from a garage sale, or some other source, where it all comes jumbled up. This would facilitate determining whether I have correctly accounted for all the new-to-me parts into my overall list of parts, especially if I miscounted, or found items I thought I had counted correctly buried in the pile. This function is most likely to be useful for parts rather than sets, as I suspect that people buy parts more regularly than sets. Thanks Brian
  8. Thanks Pleasedontspammebro. I did discover that option, and yes it certainly saves a lot of time. I still find it a slow process, but then if I took lots of photos and made them available, it would still take time making sure the lighting was suitably good enough etc. Your Lancia Stratos looks ace by the way Brian
  9. I was just thinking the same thing just now, as I have a lot of loose parts, and I was wondering which I have the most of. I think it is the black pin 2L, with fricton edges, but it would be nice to be able to sort the lists by number of each piece etc. I expect it is possible to be done? Thanks Brian
  10. Thanks Simon Sounds like a lot of effort, but I will see what I can do. It is a shame that our brains think faster than the ability to actually make the instructions for other people to benefit Brian
  11. Which colours did you try peroxide on? Thanks
  12. THanks for this Simon. I think it would just be simpler and quicker to say "follow the instructions to page 19, then do...." but I will still have to put all the parts into anyway in order to put the extra bits in, which still takes a lot of time. I have discovered that you can use a particular set's palette of pieces in so that dramatically reduces the number of pieces and colours that you need to look through in order to build. That is saving time, but it is still taking longer than I expected. Are there any pieces of software that will create building instructions for you from a design like Lego digital designer did? that I think would be quicker. Thanks also for the clarity about the instructions booklet, ie in effect you have include the whole thing, not just part, hence your/my first comment "follow the instructions to page 19, then do...." Brian
  13. very nice model it looks like you might have had quite a few sets of 42042 used to build this. any instructions, or just photos? I myself am trying to decide whether to use the crawler base of 42042 as a starting point for a crane, but it might not be big enough, so may use the crawler base from 42055 instead....
  14. Just seeking clarification about instructions for a MOC based on an official lego set. I am working on some instructions for a modified base for the 42042 crawler crane. Since my variations do not come into effect until page 20 of the official instructions, do I have to include the first 19 pages of instructions? I am using as lego digital designer does not work on my laptop. Thanks ps making instructions is a slow process
  15. That is a sign of a well run and moderated site, plus users of the site who are nice too Just great
  16. never mind, I have just found the link on the right hand side, but if I get more issues I will post about them
  17. Hi I have just started to upload some photos and information about a MOC I have built but have yet to get the instructions sorted out. I understood that the process can be done in part, and can be revisited, but I might be wrong about this?? anyway, I have tried to find my information, and it is not there. my link to bricksafe is saved, and the photos are on bricksafe, buthere on rebrickable there is nothing but the link to bricksafe. Do I have to complete all the steps and submit the MOC before it will be saved, or can I save the steps bit by bit? Thanks Brian
  18. I missed the parts of the thread which have been edited by Nathan, so I am not sure excatly how 'bad' things became in the comments, but I can sense that there was something which was not ideal in what remains. I am pleased that this site has a policy of non offensive comments. It is nice to be able to enjoy the creativity of others abilities and comment and read comments from others without worrying about whether you will come across offensive language etc., such as I sometimes see in comments sections of you tube videos about most things, but even videos of lego creations seem to get polluted with bad language (and often it is not the creator of the Lego model, just other people). Thanks for encouraging a nice clean and polite site.
  19. Hi all From what I have seen on here, technic is a very popular build style for MOC's. I agree from what I have seen on you tube of lego shows, the american ones do seem to be dominated by more regular bricks rather than technic, whereas in europe it seems to be the other way around. I personally love both, because of the dedication (and money) required to build them, as well as all the planning that goes into the designs. Anyway, happy designing and building
  20. Hi I am wondering why, when I look at the overall value of my collection, it gives a total "based on x% of pieces". Typically this varies from 98.6% down to about 96% when I am adding a lot of pieces quickly that I have purchased. Within a few hours, or a day (depending on how regularly I check) the % of pieces used to contribute a value tends back up to 98.6% or thereabouts. Why is there a small percentage missing? Thanks Brian