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  1. Hi there. When exportig missing parts to BL, I would find it helpful if the set numbers would be exported as a remark, too! After buying, it it painful to find out which set is associated with that small, single part 😉 Or did I miss something an this functionality is already included? Idea: a switch to toggle the content of Remarks on or off?
  2. When creating an XML for Bricklink, I get this error message there: "The document entered contains duplicate item/color combinations. Only one item of each item/color combination is allowed. Please fix the following duplicates: Item No: 2376, Color: 0 Item No: 6111, Color: 0 Item No: 64644, Color: 0 ....." This occurs for parts which i lost in different sets and which seem to be exported in separate rows.
  3. On the Page https://rebrickable.com/parts/photos/missing/ please add some sorting functionality! It would be easier to work through the (perhaps Long...) list, if I may be able to sort by set Number. And another nice option would be to switch off all those 'Sticker' Part Numbers - as for me, I almost only do have USED Sets, Stickers already used und glued to the parts.