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  1. In a twist, I propose a variation: An option box [X] enforce same colour for just panels (to mimic aestethics) And we need it only if the user selects <ignore> or <similar> in the sliding selector. The effect is similar to the OP questions, but not cumbersome as to mark each and all parts we want in that precise colour. Rationale: An engine should be simple. In that way, the engine has to check the equality only inside 1 list (panels) and fly on the rest... Performance-wise, it can't be slower: because it does a <exact> match on panels, than a <ignore> search on the rest, which the engine is already capable of doing. It should sit between the 2 kind of builds. If tested, and working good as I expect, it stays open to enhancements. E.g [X] enforce same colour for just panels (to mimic aesthetic) [X] enforce same colour for just beams (to mimic aesthetic) [X] enforce same colour for just another category worth for...
  2. Since it was there in the last UI, I hope it didn't end in a PRO FEAT.
  3. Today I had a headache trying to figure out why a part was incompatible with another by just looking at its 2D image (hint: there was an axle hole in the bottom) But it happens 1 time / a year I don't know if the performance penality (at all times, all days, all year round) for all other lego fans really justifies the add.
  4. It was there in the long lost UI, if I remember correctly. Today we have to click a category, see the parts, dismiss that category by X, wait to reload back all parts, click to next category,... for 10-15 times to gather a view "by category" of a part list. 50x times the effort. And boring. ALL PARTS GROUPED BY (something) is really a miss