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  1. 21350 views???

    Sorry, was a caching related bug showing you the wrong stats. Fixed now.
  2. All links for MOCS lead to the instructions of ANOTHER moc

    Whoops! Sorry, stupid bug I introduced last night before going to bed :/ Fixed now.
  3. Error 504

    Does it error for you right now? The server load is fine at the moment.
  4. Don't export spare parts

    Exports now include (+ spares) options when applicable.
  5. Error 504

    I've since made lots of small performance improvements across the site which has halved the average CPU usage and reduced the number of timeouts. I am constantly monitoring and improving things. I really don't know why the build search is timing out for you, it completes well within the 30 sec limit in my testing, regardless of the options chosen. Are you saying it happens most of the time, or just sometimes?
  6. 404 when trying to delete a set from a custom list

    Feeling stupid... really fixed this time.
  7. 404 when trying to delete a set from a custom list

    Ok... fixed it again. Not sure what happened there. However, slightly unrelated question - how did you get a quantity=0 set in that list???
  8. suggested set

    Ah thanks. The suggested sets only looks at sets released in the last few years, assuming that they are the ones easiest to purchase.
  9. API calls not working?

    Almost... the sets need the variant appended so: curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: key *****' '' As for android I couldn't say. Use whatever method it has to perform http requests and json parsing of the response.
  10. 2 File Selectors

    I have seen this, but I can't reproduce it consistently. Can you?
  11. suggested set

    I don't understand this one and don't remember looking at it previously, can you explain?
  12. 404 when trying to delete a set from a custom list

    Pretty sure I fixed this one a while ago... can you confirm?
  13. total parts list

    No sorry.
  14. This should be fixed now, thanks.
  15. Estimated value of sets

    Thanks, I've fixed the problem. It was due to the quantity > 1 sets.