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  1. Done, I think I got all instances of them.
  2. Nathan

    Is there a faster way to add LEGO

    I'm still waiting for someone to create an app that identifies the parts from a photo of a pile of LEGO.
  3. Nathan

    Part pics and more

    You are bordering on trolling now. We've received your feedback, and take it under consideration. I consider this topic closed.
  4. Nathan

    Part pics and more

    First, this isn't a bug. Please don't post stuff here just to get my attention. I'm not sure I understood everything you wrote. In 2014 we had no part photos, that was only introduced in v3 in 2017. I'm sorry you don't like the photos we've picked, but it's up to the admin team to pick the preferred photos for parts. The guidelines for photo submissions are just guidelines, but we will pick the ones we think best show the part details with consistent backgrounds etc a lower priority.
  5. Nathan

    Missing parts calculation MOC

    Hi, it's being caused by a known bug with the use of Assembled Sets. I need to completely overhaul that feature to fix this. Basically it thinks you are missing more parts than you actually own because you didn't have enough in your collection to cover the assembled sets.
  6. Nathan

    Bulk part edit 504 error

    I've made some improvements, how well does it handle it now?
  7. Nathan

    Easier commissions

    This is brilliant. I will definitely look into doing this.
  8. Nathan

    Import parts using LEGO Element ID

    Can you please attach the file, or send it to me at [email protected] and I'll take a look.
  9. It's a never ending cycle
  10. Nathan

    Cant sync to brickset

    Got it, fixed.
  11. Nathan

    Light brick not parsed from LXFs

    It does complain about it in my test imports (although it appears as parts 91996 and 54931 which are sub-parts of the LDD assembly). I've added rules to automatically combine them into the full light brick part for future imports.
  12. Nathan

    Trouble With "Buy Parts" When Logged in

    I've fixed the missing images, and added a more useful error message when no stores are found.
  13. Nathan

    Cant sync to brickset

    Sorry I can't reproduce it. Could it have been to do with an old browser tab open too long, or you have logged out/in in a different tab?
  14. Nathan

    Cant sync to brickset

    So you get those errors from the popup where you enter your Brickset user/pass? Do you actually see the following screen at all?
  15. Nathan

    Newest Creations Older Button not working

    It's working ok for me. The URL goes to what does yours do?