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  1. Every page triggers an error on Dolphin

    My phone is a fairly old Galaxy S4, not sure what OS version.
  2. Every page triggers an error on Dolphin

    I just installed it but it works fine for me. Unfortunately the error message doesn't help me narrow things down.
  3. Error 504

    How are things performing lately?
  4. Incorrect sorting by price

    Yep, I'm an idiot. Try now
  5. Incorrect sorting by price

    This should be working now.
  6. Downloadable parts list with extenal IDs

    Sorry, forgot to reply after I did that
  7. Duplicate parts shown for sets with multiple inventories

    Thanks for spotting that, it should be fixed now.
  8. custom lists buying bug

    I've just fixed a bug with searching for parts across multiple pages which might have affected your list.
  9. This should be working now. It was a problem for any lists that had multiple pages of parts.
  10. Can’t create a set (error 403)

    Does it only happen when submitting a new set, or does it still happen when viewing an existing set? I can't reproduce any of it, the only thing I can think of is that you are trying to submit from an old session. eg you logged out then back in and submitted from a page with the old login session. Could it be anything like that?
  11. An old one, but this has since been added - you can sort by Occurrences on these specific pages eg
  12. Can’t create a set (error 403)

    Is this still happening? I think I fixed something similar to this recently.
  13. My account isn't transferred from MOCplans

    I have just manually reset your password, you should get an email from me. If not, please send me an email [email protected] as it might be getting spammed.