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  1. Our color mappings have now been updated.
  2. Actually, I've had to revert this change for now as it was causing massive performance problems. I'll come up with a better solution.
  3. The stats shown at the top are pre-calculated and they were not getting updated when admin's changed inventories for sets you own. Should work better now.
  4. You get it from calling POST /api/v3/users/_token/
  5. It's erroring because of a time out. I can look at improving the performance, but I'm not hopeful. In the mean time try splitting the file into smaller chunks.
  6. Please send your XML file to me at [email protected]
  7. I've changed it's behaviour so it now remembers the last filter setting you used via a cookie, so it's specific to whichever device you use.
  8. The country can be overridden in your settings, which I assume you've done. Doesn't happen for me. At a guess - are you zoomed in on one of the domains and not the other? Correct It also takes a lot of load off my web servers which no longer have to serve all those images.
  9. What IP address does it say? Or doesn't it say anything? No. I don't know what it is yet though.
  10. Thanks for the test. To be clear - is it always erroring for you or does it sometimes work? What IP address does it tell you at the bottom of the page?
  11. I've updated it now so it always shows the page, even when no sales were made in the last 30 days.
  12. It's there for me. I suspect you are only looking at the first page of results, the default page size is 100.
  13. Just looked at your account and all emails are disabled for you: That happens if your account bounced or you marked something as spam. Assuming it was a temporary issue, re-enable it and you should start getting them again.
  14. I specifically re-ran the job to send the emails for that blog post :) Unfortunately, the other emails can't be re-sent and are lost.