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  1. I have no idea what this could be Can you post a screenshot of a page? It might lend some insight.
  2. Do you have an example of a part that does this? I can't find one.
  3. Does this happen with every MOC that has a gallery, or just some? I can't reproduce it on any browser/device I have.
  4. That submission no longer exists, it must have been accepted or rejected already. What set was it for?
  5. Photos require level 4 now. It's not really that hard to get there if you use the site regularly and comment, like, follow, etc.
  6. Exports are now significantly faster, no more timeouts hopefully.
  7. I'm sure there are plenty of people who want it this way and would complain if I changed it.
  8. Can you post a screenshot?
  9. It sounds like you did a Sync, not an Import. A Sync will remove sets from Rebrickable if they don't exist at Brickset and give those warnings, but an Import would never do that. Do you mean you have just one set at Brickset? If that's the case, and that set does not yet exist in Rebrickable, that would explain why everything was removed. That is the intended behaviour of the Sync function (see screenshot warning). If you had more sets at Brickset, then something sounds wrong. If you try to Import your Brickset sets via CSV file does it work (you can create the CSV file from Brickset)? Also, I've emailed you exports of your set lists taken from a database backup.
  10. What format are you trying to export to?
  11. Those limits don't impact exports, only imports. It's just timing out because it's doing a lot of work. Splitting the list would definitely help, but I'll continue to try and improve performance.
  12. Sorry I don't understand. What page are you trying to access?
  13. Would moving the Spare checkbox before the Quantity field make more sense?
  14. v3

    Have since updated it to show how many being displayed. It purposefully limits the number (i increased it from 24 though) as some have way too many to show.
  15. Clicking the logo now takes you back to the main site