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  1. The user token is based on the username, password and email address. If any of them change, the token is recalculated. Have updated the profile call to return the extra fields: username, email and avatar_img It does now!
  2. I've tried many combinations of OS/browser and screen resolutions, but have never reproduced this. I can't find anything that might point to the problem. Given that the dropdown has a filter to reduce the size of the list so you can still access any list you like - I'm relegating this as a low priority.
  3. Can you see any errors in the browser console? eg in Chrome open Developer Tools with Ctrl+Shift+I
  4. This was a bug, fixed now!
  5. OK, perhaps that was a mistake. In any case, I don't want to add notifications for comment edits/deletions.
  6. v3

    Sorry, I've updated the lost_parts documentation. You need to give it the inv_part_id values to identify the specific part/color item in the inventory. To add multiple Parts, POST a JSON list of them (using a Content-Type header of 'application/json'). The inv_part_id field can be retrieved from the Set's inventory. e.g: [{"inv_part_id": 806698, "lost_quantity": 3}, {"inv_part_id": 256007, "lost_quantity": 2}] Returns a list of successfully added Parts. If the Part already exists or is unrecognised, it will be skipped.
  7. I'm not familiar with how the swiping occurs on devices. Please, feel free to debug my javascript which I'm not good at
  8. We don't want to see links to those stolen MOCs for sale, as any traffic to them just promotes them. You can definitely ask the question but without a specific link.
  9. What was the comment? I don't mind commenting on a MOC about IP stuff as that way the designer will get an alert unless they've disabled notifications. In general, I'd prefer to see moderated comments edited with an obvious moderator message instead of outright deleted. Unless they're just obvious spam.
  10. They're recalculated daily, and I was hoping they'd work better than they have. I need to find a new algorithm... side project for someone looking to learn Python machine learning perhaps?
  11. Yes. You can export your big list to CSV file and split it into two or more files for import into new lists.
  12. The exports use your default sorting option. Look in your settings in the Inventories tab.
  13. Yes, it only shows sets from the last 3 years to improve the chance of it being available to purchase.
  14. The list of comments on your home page is now filterable - including only showing comments on your own MOCs.
  15. Thanks, found and fixed a problem. Look better now?