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  1. I've updated the doco, thanks. No point switching if you are fine using PayPal. The main functional differences on Rebrickable is that you can upgrade/downgrade Plans if you use Stripe (with PayPal you have to cancel and then re-subscribe to the new plan). Yes, the level 20/25/30 certainly do apply to you. If you hit 25 and are still on Pro, I will manually cancel your subscription and make it a permanent upgrade.
  2. I don't give Stripe users the free 3 months either (did I give that indication somewhere?). If you are already on Pro when you hit level 15, nothing happens sorry. If everyone was 100% Stripe I would probably try harder to automate it, but dealing with the two types of payment processors complicates things too much.
  3. I can't reproduce this problem. Can you please provide me the exact URL where this occurs?
  4. I've fixed the caching issues, does this work for you now?
  5. I think I've figured this out now. For some reason the new load balancer I am using was defaulting to cache all the things. Since some pages might still be cached in your browser, it might take a day or so for it to all get cleared out and start working again properly.
  6. I just happened to be working on the search pages when I saw this... done
  7. In the XML file you sent me, there are only 31 parts and all of them imported when I tested it. How many are you expecting for that file? There are also 9 minifigs in the order which is not something we can import.
  8. If you export your order to XML and import that as a file, how does it go? If it still fails, can you please email me the file to [email protected]
  9. I've made a change that might fix this for you, could you please try again?
  10. I've taken steps to prevent this particular problem from happening again, but everything should be working fine now.
  11. This should be working now. If it's still not for you, logout then login again (I know, sounds stupid). It's a load balancer thing.
  12. I've disabled the scroll to top button. I don't think the extra code required is worth it.