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  1. Error 504

    I've made several small performance improvements today, hopefully some of them help you.
  2. Error 504

    Just replying to say that I recognise the problem and am trying to solve it.
  3. HTML characters in part names

    Fixed. Don't need part numbers, I just search by pattern and unescape the names. Any others?
  4. HTML characters in part names

    I've fixed the ones with " in the names. What were the other ones?
  5. Still many bug in uploading lxf files

    Rules updated. I don't have a way to improve the extension wire behaviour though, without rewriting a bunch of very sensitive code I have no intention of going near anytime soon.
  6. API call or export option to get parts prices

    I have purposefully not made prices available via the API as that data belongs to BrickLink/BrickOwl.
  7. Search restrictions 500 is way to low

    I wouldn't spend much time on that. We will definitely do something to address the problem.
  8. Search restrictions 500 is way to low

    Yes, I really need to get back to that discussion and finalise our approach.
  9. Search restrictions 500 is way to low

    I have made some changes that should improve performance for large search results. For now I have increased the search limit to 1000 and will monitor for a while before increasing it further. Since it's heavily used, and most people don't need 1000 results, I'm hesitant to increase it further. Maybe I'll look into doing a "fetch next 1000 results" or something similar to Simon's suggestion. Performance optimisation is an ongoing challenge for me, and something I am incrementally improving. Throwing extra hardware at the problem can only go so far and I'm not prepared to spend any more money on it at the moment. The "open" system also means I can't generate the drill-down filters from search results. For most pages I've managed to keep the overhead from large search results to a minimum and most of the work is actually done to draw the items for the current page. No sorry. The search query isn't very flexible and on my list to investigate a better method.
  10. Reaching 100000 point/ Level 10 and extra features

    Yes, but it will take you years to achieve it The approximate algorithm used is level = 5 * e ^ level, so level 11 needs about 300,000 points! I was actually thinking of re-aligning the levels to go up to say 50, where the current level 10 would now be somewhere around level 40-50. It gives people more visible progression.
  11. Reaching 100000 point/ Level 10 and extra features

    Fixed the level 10 problem And well done getting that high! theskirrid is in 2nd place and I'm in 3rd.
  12. Bug in 'Find sets you can build'

    Should work better now, thanks.
  13. Can't delete Set from Custom Lists

    Great, thanks
  14. Can't delete Set from Custom Lists

    Is this still a problem? I can't reproduce the issue.
  15. Part marked "disabled" stuck in parts list

    I have changed it so that you can now change the part or delete it even when it is disabled.