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  1. Nathan

    MOC not appearing in "Find sets you can build"

    Yes, it does that now but I haven't updated previous settings for anyone affected as I don't know which is a genuine setting or not.
  2. Nathan

    MOC not appearing in "Find sets you can build"

    Your Build Search settings are filtering out sets from 1945 to 2016, and this MOC is a 2018 design.
  3. I can't reproduce this error. I added 2 x 8983 to a buildable Set List, added 2 x 64277c01 to the lost parts and then tried to build 8983. It only shows one missing part as expected though. Can you think of something else that might be affecting your result?
  4. Nathan

    No confirmation email for Rebrickable (not Forums)

    Done. Although automated emails might not get to you if you didn't get the verify email. The invoice email that failed to get to you is done by a completely different system though so might work.
  5. Nathan

    No confirmation email for Rebrickable (not Forums)

    *sigh* I really hate email problems. I get so many disappear into nowhere and have no idea how to fix it. If anyone out there is good at email admin, I'd love some help
  6. And of course it's appreciated. I'm just saying the more you can do to help us with these requests, the better.
  7. Nathan

    Featured MOC's

    It is quite random, but cached for 5 mins which might explain it. I'll reduce the caching time.
  8. The Change Requests are there to suggest (mostly low-priority) changes based on end-user input such as yours, that the admin team might not be aware of. In addition to the CRs, they have plenty of other higher priority tasks that need doing. If a CR is not specific enough, it wastes their time chasing details and means there is less time to do other work. I encourage them to ask for more details and in this specific case I instructed the admin to reject the CRs.
  9. Nathan

    Fails to add to cart

    What type of cart do you mean - Bricklink? Can you give me the specific MOC, and what browser/OS are you using?
  10. Nathan

    Sorting on color does not work anymore

    I doubt it is related to having 200000 points (well done btw!). Does sorting by other fields still work? What exactly happens - does the page reload and is not sorted, or just ignores the click?
  11. Nathan

    Inventory change notification

    If I'm going to do it, it will most likely just be a scheduled time each day that simply detects if a change has been made or not without further details in the email, other than perhaps a link to the filtered Change Log. The Change Log should be enough, if it's not I'd prefer to focus on making that easier and more useful.
  12. Nathan

    Inventory change notification

    I had considered that in the past but there were too many changes happening then. Might be worth revisiting now. And yes, definitely an off by default option.
  13. The Assembled Sets system doesn't really work in this scenario, as you've discovered. It logically removes parts from your buildable collection, but you don't have those parts in your buildable collection in the first place when the sets with the parts are not in a buildable set list. I have plans to overhaul this feature to be more flexible and more accurate which should take care of this problem. I don't know when it will happen though.