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  1. Thanks, I've fixed this problem now, it was specific to IE.
  2. Nginx updated, does it look better now?
  3. Ah thanks, that's probably it. I've got something in my nginx config too. I'm not home atm so will update it later.
  4. The API uses the Django REST Framework, and the CORS headers are added by this app: I don't have time today to look into anything, but maybe you can see something on that link I need to set?
  5. Ah, I understand now. I've added support for the extra headers, how's it look now?
  6. Is it always on MOCs? I made a change recently to only load the inventory when the tab becomes active (or the Buy Parts tab is active), to save server resources. Perhaps it's not drawing properly when the tab is hidden. It should be as wide as the faint line you can see under the tab headings. I can't reproduce it yet though. Most of my testing is on a 4k screen, so smaller resolutions are only tested when I remember to... I guess I should try harder Feel free to point out the issues though.
  7. There's a time limit on being able to edit posts, added after some people were abusing it. I still can't reproduce this specific issue on any browser, so I presume it's some other setting that is causing the problem. Are there any non-default Windows settings you have enabled that might affect how things are displayed?
  8. I have fixed the image upload from file problem with Firefox.
  9. It now allows unauthenticated OPTIONS requests. Can you get your app to use trailing / in the urls? It's not a trivial change for me to handle both scenarios, all urls on Rebrickable v3 end with /.
  10. I can reproduce the problem on Firefox but have not figured out a fix for it yet. The main image is resized to 1000x800 for display, are you seeing something worse than that?
  11. I've fixed the color in the large part image. That should not have caused any incorrect part colors to be added though?
  12. Are you talking about the image in the popup or the color in the dropdown list? Adding a part still adds Black for me. I see this:
  13. Where exactly are you clicking the part from - a black part in an inventory? the color page? I can't reproduce it.
  14. Has this been fixed? I can't reproduce the problem but may have fixed it as part of a recent similar bug.
  15. I've sort of fixed a problem that might impact this... did it help?