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  1. Nathan

    Light brick not parsed from LXFs

    It does complain about it in my test imports (although it appears as parts 91996 and 54931 which are sub-parts of the LDD assembly). I've added rules to automatically combine them into the full light brick part for future imports.
  2. Nathan

    Trouble With "Buy Parts" When Logged in

    I've fixed the missing images, and added a more useful error message when no stores are found.
  3. Nathan

    Cant sync to brickset

    Sorry I can't reproduce it. Could it have been to do with an old browser tab open too long, or you have logged out/in in a different tab?
  4. Nathan

    Cant sync to brickset

    So you get those errors from the popup where you enter your Brickset user/pass? Do you actually see the following screen at all?
  5. Nathan

    Newest Creations Older Button not working

    It's working ok for me. The URL goes to what does yours do?
  6. Nathan

    Top Moc Designers shows 'gateway time-out'

    I've made some improvements. It's still relatively slow, but hopefully it will respond now before timing out.
  7. Nathan

    Build option does not use all parts

  8. Nathan

    Alienate parts from collection

    Coming soon...
  9. Nathan

    Build option does not use all parts

    A quick look at the code indicates the build result message isn't counting set parts properly. I won't be able to fix it for a day or so. But it's just the message that's wrong, the build is actually looking at all your parts.
  10. Nathan

    Remove sets parts from parts list

    Another way: copy the set's parts to a new custom list, then compare the custom list with your parts list using the Compare Sets page. The differences will be your original parts which you can export and then import again.
  11. Nathan

    Inventory ID 24207 in the database

    Fixed! The inventory did not belong in inventory_parts as it belonged to an inactive set. I've generated a new set of files for download.
  12. Nathan

    Desactivate/activate MOC

    The message might be a bit misleading - I meant you can see it when going to it's exact URL, but it won't show up anywhere else. As for it not being visible in the home/recent lists, it's there now. It may have been pushed out by newer MOCs, but more likely it's because the list is heavily cached and it took an hour or so for it to update after you'd re-enabled it.
  13. Nathan

    Show part prices - no: stoppped working

    Thanks, fixed now.
  14. Nathan

    Alienate parts from collection

    Currently, you have to manually move the parts to a separate list and mark that list as not-buildable. I will be enhancing the Assembled Sets feature soon to also be able to handle your scenario.
  15. Nathan

    Images broken on Buy Parts from Store overlay

    Thanks, should be working now.