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  1. Fixed the validation Correct. The only way to separate them is to put them in different lists. v2 stored sets in a similar way but did not have any validation on the quantities so let you do whatever you wanted. If you got it wrong, the Build calculations would be wrong.
  2. The lost parts are linked to specific inventory items, so it does treat normal and spare parts as completely different. This was changed recently, so should work better, I've added some messages to make it clearer when this happens.
  3. This should be working now
  4. Thanks, fixed it now.
  5. The counts should be accurate now!
  6. There are significant performance overheads when handling the Built Sets and it is intended for the more temporarily built models. If you have permanent displays, they should really be in non-buildable set/part lists instead which is much easier to calculate in build results.
  7. Yes I added it a little while ago and forgot to tell anyone I do that a lot...
  8. #1 and #4 has been done
  9. Not quite what you asked for, but there is now a "Look in My Part Lists Only" option on the main search page.
  10. I've since changed my preferences to get every MOC immediately and have been getting them all. I just can't understand why you don't get some. Is anyone else having this problem?
  11. I found a couple of problems and fixed them, which should help you. It was erroring when you had no sets at Brickset to start with.
  12. Whoops, sorry. I broke the ordering yesterday, fixed now!
  13. It's something I'm continuously working on. The v3 site is way more resource intensive than the old one and the hardware struggles during peak times.
  14. BrickLink have fixed this problem, should be ok now.
  15. Yes, they are all mapped in the database. An import based on this should be easy enough to add, most of the logic is already there.