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  1. I've made some improvements to the bulk edit operations which should make them much faster now.
  2. I like this idea. I have some other improvements for the notes in mind and will look at incorporating this into them.
  3. The usual culprit is you have Assembled Sets but don't have those parts in a buildable set/part list. If that's not it, please provide me with a specific MOC and part so I can investigate.
  4. It's because we have a number of other special promotional sets in that theme as well as shown in this search result:
  5. Nathan

    Buying Instructions

    You can find details here:
  6. Yes, it wasn't tracking free MOC files properly. Fixed now.
  7. Your URL needs to end with a / for post/put/patch commands. Unfortunately, the error message you get about the missing quantity field is quite misleading!
  8. The quantities for lists are now clickable and will show the part popup where you can edit them directly.
  9. Nathan

    Part List Sort Order

    It is sorting by Part Name. It seems to work for me, can you please clarify what page you are looking at that doesn't work?
  10. The 3626cpr0760 part is not being used in any inventories (hence the Year 0 to 0 which is a bit unhelpful), tick the Include Unused Parts option in the search and it will show up.
  11. No sorry. You can change the MOC to Free but not discount a Premium MOC to 0.