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  1. Thanks for your help! Yaay, finally
  2. I've made some updates to the email templates and I think it should work on Thunderbird for you from now on.
  3. If you are logged in, no ads are displayed (other than a few amazon/lego affiliate images).
  4. I've added a message to indicate when there are other users already working on a set.
  5. Figured it out, should show up correctly now (affected any sets with multiple inventories).
  6. This should be fixed now (and hopefully without breaking tags somewhere else!)
  7. I've tuned it a bet better now.
  8. The problem is with the filters (and to a lesser degree the sorting). It only shows the first 48 sets but needs to look at all the results to determine what filters to show in the left sidebar. This particular problem has arisen because I recently fixed a problem with showing the set tags in the sidebar. I've improved it a little, but it hasn't fixed the worst cases yet (e.g. blue 43093).
  9. Great, send more files if you have them I have improved the 58120 and 61927b imports now too. For the animals, they are only ever used with printed parts but the LDD file has all unprinted parts. We need to decide which printed assembled part they should be imported as.
  10. Ok I understand now 3794/15573 - should be good I need to figure out the others still. @legolijntje in v2 I used ldraw.xml with my own fixes (there were a lot of problems with it), but in v3 it's all in the database instead.
  11. This should be resolved now. The pending sets/mocs list will not be selected by default now unless you have one with an "In Progress" status. Once it goes to Waiting for Approval, it will not be defaulted anymore.
  12. When you say not using actual code, are you trying it via the docs page? If so what is the curl command that gets generated? (hide your key and token when pasting)
  13. That link is meant to be a filter - but only relevant for pages like search results or Set Lists. Since the code for that is very generic, I'm not sure what to do here, will think about it.
  14. 3794 - LDD doesn't differentiate between a and b does it? In which case, during import we have to assume it's the new current mold which is b. 58120 - how do you get Orange? If I import a file with 58120 Medium Stone Grey it is imported as LBG as expected. I need more specifics for any other parts if they are not importing correctly.
  15. The user token is based on the username, password and email address. If any of them change, the token is recalculated. Have updated the profile call to return the extra fields: username, email and avatar_img It does now!