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  1. parts with stickers

    You can already do this on the Pro Plan, sorry not available on Free Plan.
  2. Loading site cause Firefox to crash

    Good to hear!
  3. Loading site cause Firefox to crash

    Surely you mean Firefox 58? v28 is very old and probably doesn't support some of the changes I just released. If it's really v28 can you update it?
  4. Price Guide

    No. The pricing data is owned by BrickLink and BrickOwl.
  5. MOC Image Broken

    So Say We All!
  6. Unrelated Youtube videos on descriptions

    They are ads. Login and you'll never see them again!
  7. "Undefined" search results

    Different issue I don't know what this one is yet.
  8. MOC Image Broken

    I've got it showing the Bricksafe gallery now, but am still struggling to understand why the main image won't show up.
  9. Ok, fixed it. The default sorting of results when using a search string is by the "rank" it calculates for how closely the item matches your search. But, now you can override that ordering when you click one of the buttons.
  10. Help with Premium MOC's Rebrickable Hosted

    Great, thanks for sharing the solution!
  11. Help with Premium MOC's Rebrickable Hosted

    It sounds like it's downloading a HTML file that probably shows an error message - such as login required or something. Can you try again and I'll take a look at the file it downloads. Or email me the link and I'll do some testing. Also, test the URL from a private browser session that won't have any cookies set which should better simulate what the server is trying to do.
  12. I can't reproduce it. Can you give me the exact URL you are using?
  13. Great. Am always happy to improve usability if I can.
  14. Help with Premium MOC's Rebrickable Hosted

    I've added downloadable links for designers now. Hopefully that helps you figure out the problem.