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  1. Nathan

    Brickset Sync badge not awarding

    It has a criteria that you must have notifications enabled, which you don't. I don't remember why I did it like that so will remove it for the next time it runs.
  2. Nathan

    Brickset Sync badge not awarding

    Some badges are only checked once a day, including this one. Has it been 24hrs since you did it? If not, it should pick it up soon.
  3. Nathan

    Problem with uploading instructions.

    I can see there were issues earlier, not sure what happened!
  4. Nathan

    Error when Subtracting Parts from My Parts list on Import

    I will have a think about how to do this. Moving to Suggestions forum too.
  5. Nathan

    Do I need to limit / throttle / cache in my API client?

    The server will start to return you error codes (429) if you send requests too fast, so you should at least handle them. But, not sending hundreds of requests per second is also good
  6. Nathan

    [No Color\any color] bricks appear as missing

    Yeah that would be a better way of doing it, but that calculation is so integrated I can't separate it out now without a large redesign.
  7. Nathan

    [No Color\any color] bricks appear as missing

    That's right. I can't see how to make that smarter without crippling performance.
  8. Nathan

    [No Color\any color] bricks appear as missing

    Should be working now. The problem only occurred when you have Build settings using Close Colors.
  9. Nathan

    Does the usertoken change? How often does it change?

    The token will only change if they change some of their profile details, such as password (and some other fields). So you can store the token and when validation fails, prompt for their password again.
  10. Nathan

    Can't get regional settings to stick

    Oh, you need to set your country by clicking the flag/JP icon at the top or the new Country setting on the Personalisation tab. I think your changing the Location setting on the Account tab which is just for display to other users.
  11. Nathan

    Can't get regional settings to stick

    It will now store the country against your user profile instead of a local cookie (after the next time you set it), so it should follow you when you log in across multiple devices.
  12. Nathan

    tile for set 10211

  13. Nathan

    Possible app for parts?

    There has been efforts to train a network based on rendered LDraw images from multiple angles, but with limited success rate so far. I'm keeping an eye on this stuff as I'd love to have a crack at it myself if I ever get the time.
  14. It was indeed the GB/UK mismatch. It should be working now.