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  1. Thanks, me too. There might still be some people with an issue but it should sort itself out soon.
  2. Looking into it... I've uploaded the new certificate but am having trouble figuring out how to convince the browsers to use the new one
  3. I can't figure this one out. Any web devs out there who can check? It happens when you set a background color and have a part note on the edge parts.
  4. Nathan

    CSV Import

    There's no import feature in the API, if you mean importing a file on the website it just looks at the column headers and ignores what it doesn't need. So should work fine.
  5. I've fixed the performance problem with the export, please try again.
  6. I've now added an elements csv file.
  7. I've updated the color mapping, could you please test it?
  8. The download files (not images) are now generated daily, for all users.
  9. I've fixed this, and yes it's simple but it took a while to figure out why it was happening in the first place :) The other items still need work.
  10. Use a Custom List which is not counted towards your owned collection.
  11. Ok, figured it out. The "see all Premium MOCs" search is sorting by Likes not by sales. There were two problems though - #1 the sort button wasn't reflecting that properly, and #2 it was cropping the results at 1000 *before* sorting instead of after. This effectively made the list random! Both issues fixed now.
  12. Just wanted to point out that MOCs are not removed unless they violate some terms, their building instructions link is no longer valid, or the designer deletes the MOC or their account.
  13. It will show different results if you are logged in/out because of different caching conditions. Anonymous users are served heavily cached content while logged in users get more up to date content. The top selling tab only considers recent sales, so if your MOC didn't sell anything for a while it would be excluded. It should still show up in the search for all Premium MOCs though. If you are still seeing something wrong, please give me the MOC number and example URL you expect to see it at. I've fixed the Premium MOCs tab showing Discounted MOCs under some conditions.
  14. If you upgraded before submitting the moc it should have gone to Twitter automatically. I'm travelling at the moment and cant investigate properly. I'll get back to you in a few days.
  15. Nathan

    MOC stuck in approval?

    The moc had some inventory errors which is why it didnt auto approve. Anything requiring manual approval can take 1 to 2 days. The preview mode you are seeing doesn't have an admin tab, to edit something you need to open the pending submission. I'll look at fixing that error though.