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  1. Fixed via some thumbnails cleanup... but couldn't figure out how it happened in the first place.
  2. No, there's simply too much this change would impact. Can you tell me what kind of info do you store in the Notes? Perhaps I can update the Custom Lists to add similar functionality.
  3. The search results and ranking should be much better now
  4. There was no ordering defined, so it was basically random. It now orders by status then last modified date (most recent first).
  5. Fixed the case-sensitivity bug for imports.
  6. These issues should have all been fixed by now, any still a problem?
  7. There is no meaning in the order of the output. If there are multiple mappings, there is no priority among them.
  8. Anonymous users were seriously abusing this page so I had to add limits because it is very resource intensive. I have relaxed the limits a bit, but can't remove them. Logged in users have limits too but they are much higher.
  9. It was a bug, it wasn't applying the include sets I own filter consistently. Fixed now. I also added an extra filter option to include ignored sets in there, to help with any future debugging
  10. It was supposed to include accessory sets unless specifically excluded via the advanced form. Fixed now. And I want these bug reports or I wouldn't know of the problem
  11. A mapping problem would give a different error. If you want to email the file to me I can take a look at why it's not parsing it properly.
  12. In Chrome, I got it to work by: Settings > Manage search engines Remove all Rebrickable entries Restart browser Go to Rebrickable and search for any random thing Now it should have re-registered and search should work via the address bar
  13. Nathan

    Finding parts

    I have added an option to view these My Parts tables by Sets instead of by Set List if you prefer.
  14. I've treated this as a bug, and now exports will use the current sorting method if you want to try again
  15. The name is in there, eg: { "part_num": "3005", "name": "Brick 1 x 1", "part_cat_id": 11, ... }
  16. Sorry, fixed now
  17. Fixed, but it looks like the browser still caches the old version.
  18. Please provide a specific MOC example, I don't understand what you mean. Also what ad blocker are you using.
  19. You can still use the API, but make an additional call for each related part you get back.