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  1. Nathan

    Problems with PayPal

    I haven't heard this before. You've probably already googled the problem but did you see this one: Are you using a private or business PayPal account?
  2. You are correct, although I really can't remember my original intention with that badge. It wouldn't be very nice to remove the badge from about 80% of people who have it. So, I've just updated the description to reflect the actual calculation.
  3. Sorry, a bit slow to reply. The /lego/parts/ call has a bricklink_id param you can use, eg: curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: key KEY' ''
  4. Nathan

    Confused New Collector

    Actually, the prices are not downloaded in that sense. They are based on the search results that we receive for the Buy Parts/Multi-Buy pages during the last 24 hours. If a part has not been queried via that method it will not have any BL price data included in it's average calculation. At least that's for BL parts, the averages also include BO and ToyPro data which is available in full every day but there are far fewer stores for them.
  5. The relationship in this case goes via 4599, so: 4599a is a mold of 4599 4599b is a mold of 4599
  6. Nathan

    Confused New Collector

    I also changed (just yesterday) how it calculates the average price per part/color to try and ignore the ridiculous outliers that some stores charge. That probably accounts for the relatively large drop compared to normal fluctuations.
  7. Unfortunately, the BrickLink store terms around bulk/minimum buys are not available to Rebrickable so you should double check your carts before you buy from BrickLink.
  8. You can see the number of Likes which might be a better way to tell anyway.
  9. Does the order contain parts not in your list? In that case it fails, but the error messaging definitely needs to be improved.
  10. You can edit a set in your Set List to indicate if it includes spare parts or not. Spare parts are included in your buildable parts collection. When you add a Set to your Assembled Sets list, it does not include spare parts. It sounds like maybe you should edit your Sets to uncheck Includes Spare Parts, and add them all to a Part List instead for the extra flexibility.
  11. Sorry, I can't reproduce this. Could you please provide step-by-step instructions for making it happen?
  12. The count field shows the total number of results across all pages, but there should only be the requested number of items in the actual page of results you get.
  13. I have finished the changes and fixed the sorting. I also added a new build search filter for Sets/MOCs added within the last X days which might help you.
  14. The sorting is not working very well, which I think is what you are describing. When you do the larger search it cuts the results at 500. However, it actually sorts the results by % match before cutting at 500, then sorts again by your preference of fewest missing parts. This is wrong and I will fix it. I'm actually in the middle of redesigning that whole part though for performance reasons so might take me a while to get it deployed.
  15. This is now possible in the Find Sets page. Using the advanced options you would enter (using your example): 2x6571 4x6572 2x76138 1x6574 eg 4x6572 2x76138 1x6574
  16. Sorry for the delay - the notes are specific to an item in your Part Lists only. There is nothing there at the moment, but I will be adding it soon along with an upgrade to the notes system.
  17. I've made some improvements to the bulk edit operations which should make them much faster now.
  18. I like this idea. I have some other improvements for the notes in mind and will look at incorporating this into them.
  19. The usual culprit is you have Assembled Sets but don't have those parts in a buildable set/part list. If that's not it, please provide me with a specific MOC and part so I can investigate.
  20. It's because we have a number of other special promotional sets in that theme as well as shown in this search result:
  21. Nathan

    Buying Instructions

    You can find details here:
  22. Yes, it wasn't tracking free MOC files properly. Fixed now.
  23. Your URL needs to end with a / for post/put/patch commands. Unfortunately, the error message you get about the missing quantity field is quite misleading!