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  1. Hello Simon, no problem, I assume either the [Export parts] button should be hidden, if user start to modify the result list by clicking on Use or, better if it was just not well tested, but should work. Obviously it would much easier to have a button or filter on what I have, not only on what parts are missing on page: Build this list, but I was not intended to ask for extra features.
  2. The title needs to be explained, so let me inlclude why it is important (to me) 1. I have a custom list with 1600 parts. According to Build list option, 683 parts are missing from the 1600. The site gives me the option to list this 683 parts due to possible purchase, but I need to do preliminary verifications in Excel, to check and find my parts I already own, so I can decide, which one I do have, which one I choose to not take into consideration to use, also whether my inventory is corrects, etc. 2. So I try to build a list of what I have. I expect to export a list of 917 parts. I click on [Find my parts for this Build], then click on [Find parts]. Calculation starts, and then the 1600 parts listed vertically, and the suggested sets and lists horizontally, so I can decide which of them to use, which of the to hide. I assumed, if I start to click on sets and lists to use, the site not just update how many parts left to find for this Build, but also I can click on [Export parts] button, and lists eventually the 917 parts. Problem: - if I do not click to use or hide any of the lists and sets, the [Export parts] button works fine, and 1600 parts are exported, however this is not my goal - if I start to use e.g. the first list with 243 parts in it, the site updates, it says 1357 parts left to find for this Build, but the [Export parts] button fails to work, and 404 page not found displays e.g. to export parts in Rebrickable CSV. I use Windows 10 with Office 2016, and I tested it from Mozilla 59.0.2 (64 bit) and Google Chrome 65.0.3325.181 (64 bit) Remark: Having only 30 sets, I decided to experiment click on use all the sets and lists to see what happens this way. I expected to finally see 683 parts left to find for this build, but instead it displayed: 682 parts Needed in Build. 1 pieces of part difference not really important. I clicked on [Export parts] but still fails.