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  1. Works perfectly now! Thanks a lot!
  2. It looks like the cents part is not taken into account now.
  3. I'm glad this old-timer bug has gone. Thanks Nathan!
  4. Hi! It looks like the calculation of the missing parts on the Build page can count your pieces twice - once for the original detail and another time for its printed version. Here is an example: From all my sets I have 4 details 24118 (My-parts-panels.png). 1) I go to the Inventory page of 42056-1 (Porsche 911 GT3 RS) which includes 6 parts: 4 standard 24118 and two printed 24118pr0001 and 24118pr0002. I set the display options to Highlight missing parts only. However, all six 24118 parts are not highlighted (42056-all-parts.png). 2) I click on the "Build this Set" button and choose the following building options: - Include my sets; - Include my parts; - Ignore part color sensitivity; - Ignore printed and patterned part differences; - Ignore mold variations in parts; - Consider alternate parts; - Exclude Minifig and Minifig Accessory parts; - Exclude Non-Buildable LEGO parts. The resulting list doesn't include any 24118 despite that I have 4 instead of required 6 (42056-missing-parts.png). Please, have a look. Thanks.
  5. Hi! When you sort parts by price, the prices are treated as strings rather than numbers. E.g. 104.74 would go before 11.29. Steps to reproduce: Go to a set's homepage, e.g. https://rebrickable.com/sets/41999-1/4-x-4-crawler-exclusive-edition-boss-crawler-co-creation-model/ Change the region settings so that the part's prices get bigger as numbers, e.g. Russia. Choose the Inventory tab. Click on Options and choose Sort By: Price. That happens in different browsers, OS Windows 7 & 8. Thanks