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  1. I just noticed that you added the part_relationships table to the downloads. Thanks for this!
  2. I currently see the following in Firefox 57 on the part summary modal: Here's the HTML for the out of place number input: <span class="width-100 block-inline"> <input ... /> </span> Here's what I'd recommend as a quick fix: <span class="form-inline"> <input ... /> </span> The .form-inline class provides the necessary resets to be able to use the .form-control class inline. Honestly, you could probably dump a lot of the p and span tags and just apply the .form-inline class on the form tag as intended. Here's what it looks like for me after that change:
  3. I'd personally be helped if the values of several check boxes persisted across my session or preferably even my user profile. In particular, the search filter checkboxes, and the "Keep open" option on the part details page.
  4. I don't personally care much about properly assigning part variations when I'm entering new parts into my inventory. I'd love the option to only show the most common and/or recent part variations in search results. Here are some examples of results that aren't great for me currently: https://rebrickable.com/search/?search_type=parts&q=1+x+1+clip+&part_cat=9&exists_in_color=#parts https://rebrickable.com/search/?search_type=parts&q=jumper+&part_cat=9&exists_in_color=#parts When searching for certain parts, half the results may be irrelevant for my use case. I'd really appreciate having the option to only show the most recent or common variation.
  5. I'm working on normalizing my current inventory system, and it would be really nice if there were a dump of the table that holds external part ids available here: https://rebrickable.com/downloads/ I can get this data from the API, but I prefer to work locally so I can write very naive and inefficient code and not have to worry about using up anyone else's CPU cycles. For what its worth, the code to build a local SQLite database from those dumps is available here if its useful to anyone: https://github.com/jncraton/rebrickable-local