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  1. mrRoy

    Set 6090

    I've got the original scans indeed, and i see what you mean. Almost impossible to count the blocks there haha. Thanks for the insight!
  2. mrRoy

    Set 6090

    ah that might be it, but I don't have the instructions for the b model. Thanks, learn something!
  3. mrRoy

    Set 6090

    Thanks, checked the manual multiple times, couldn't find it.
  4. mrRoy

    Set 6090

    Heya, im new, tried to search, but couldn't find any answer. Cleaning out some boxes and found this great thing, been 15-20 years since it has been build i guess. Got some problems placing some parts, which i can't find. Might be that i'm overlooking something, but would be appreciated if someone would be able to help me out! 34 x 3004 (light gray), only able to find 33 of them in the instructions. Thanks, Roy