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  1. For reversibility I would go with something like a school glue, e.g. Elmer's. It won't be super strong but it should hold a model together and you can simply wash it off with warm water. For a more permanent approach you can use super glue. It'll definitely hold but, in theory, you can clean the glue off with a de-bonder. If you want it non-reversable then you can fuse the pieces together with a solvent such as M.E.K.
  2. I built a mosaic (MOC-24161) that will be on permanent display and I'm bouncing back and forth on whether to glue it or not. I can foresee this being moved around occasionally but 99% of the time it will be hung on a wall. It's that 1% that I worry about pieces falling off, especially around the edge where the pieces are not locked in place. Any thoughts?
  3. I figured this was discussed before, I just couldn't find a post on it. If there's anything I can do to help get this going just let me know. I'd love to help on the site, especially on the python backend.
  4. I would like to have the ability to see the assembled minifigs in a set as well as my collection. Currently I can only get a list of the parts and would have to look at the instructions or other sites to figure out what minifig parts go together. If users were given the ability to catalog and submit minifig assemblies then it could certainly be scripted to catch up on the existing sets. I'd love to volunteer for that job. Thanks! Rob
  5. Memento

    What color is this?

    Thanks, I'll use 'unknown'. I was also thinking Aqua but will leave it for now until we're sure.
  6. Memento

    What color is this?

    I'm about to submit a part for Maleficent's head but cannot figure out what color it is. What color do you think her face is? Thanks! Rob
  7. I'd like to submit a new Walmart exclusive set but don't have a box image for it. Multiple sites use the same picture on their sites (,, etc) but there's nothing official on Do I have to wait to have the set myself or for to post a picture before posting the set? Thanks! Rob
  8. Definitely something wrong with the list of inventories for that set (and some others). If I go to submit a new inventory for that set it shows that there are no inventories and thus no parts. But if I pull the list of parts for that set via API the parts come through just fine. Definitely curious as to the source of the issue.
  9. Makes sense, thanks. Funny you should mention inspecting the requests for the replacement-parts section because I was doing just that last night.
  10. Great, thanks! Since you fixed this one, should I report other element-id issues as they come up? Also, is there an "official" LEGO API or does Rebrickable et. al. have a special thing setup with them? Thanks! Rob
  11. How should I reliably retrieve a design_id from an element id? Looking up Element ID 6133767 yields no design_id but it does have the correct part_num under part. { "part":{ "part_num":"22888", "name":"Plate Round Corner 4 x 8 Double", ... }, "color":{ "id":2, "name":"Green", ... }, "element_id":"6133767", "design_id":"", "element_img_url":"", "part_img_url":"" } Thanks! Rob
  12. Yea, I kinda went a bit overboard on the new sets. I'll get a rig setup and start taking pictures. Thanks! Rob
  13. Is it desirable to have actual photos of all the pieces? There are lots of pieces that have Element and LDraw images but are missing their photo. Even pieces like 3005 (1x1) don't have a photo even though everyone likely has them. Should I start taking photos of all my pieces? Thanks! Rob
  14. How is a minifig's part number determined? I know it's some sort of variation code since the same item number is used by LEGO. For example, on 973pr2885c01 behind the left arm it has the number 3814 not 2885 as I would have thought based on its rebrickable number. Thanks! Rob