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  1. Ah the button is the "pencil and paper" icon below the description of each individual set. I was looking everywhere else but there. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I'm sorta stumped - I accidentally added a ninja go set to my Technic set list, and would like to move it over. I could not find a button for this task, so I figured it must be done in a roundabout way such as adding the set to the ninja go set list, and then deleting the set from the technic set list. So, I added it too the Ninjago list successfully, however I can't seen to delete the set from the technic list. The only delete button that I could find anywhere, was the one to delete every set in the list. I don't want to have to rebuild my entire technic set list from scratch, just to correct one set added in error. I currently have my account showing as owning two Ninjago sets, when I only own one, so I really do need to resolve this. So the core of my question is this: How do I delete a single set from a set list?