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  1. Hi, I am building MOC-15805 and the "Build this MOC" option says I have 100% of the parts. Now I had to stop the building because I am missing 4 x part 62531 in red. This part is not in my parts list, so it should have been reported as missing. I am using Mozilla FireFox latest release on Windows 10. This looks like a bug? Regards, Martien.
  2. Martien v B

    Combined part lists.

    Thanks for the quick response. I already found out how to do this, just mark the first moc as assembled. Regards, Martien.
  3. Martien v B

    Combined part lists.

    Hi, I am trying to build MOCs 10857 and 10858, but after 10857 I miss parts for 10858. Is there a way to combine 2 parts list and check it with my parts list? Thanks.