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  1. Hi Nathan, For any given set or MOC in the database, the website indicates the percentage of required parts that I already own. Since I have not parted out my sets (which I don't want to do for various reason), I don't know from exactly which already owned sets the parts are coming from. Therefore, I think it would be very useful to provide a breakdown of the parts list over owned sets. This way, after disassembling, parts can be returned to the original set. Thanks for considering!! Arnold
  2. I own a large number of sets, which for various reasons I do not want to part out, but which I DO want to use to assemble some of the great MOCs on Rebrickable. The website indicates that I am able to build, say 96% of the MOC using the parts in sets I own, but it assumes that all sets are parted out and it does not list from which original set the parts are from. I would be great if the website would be able to give a breakdown of where the parts are exactly from. This allows for returning the parts to the original set after disassembling the MOC. Thanks!!