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  1. Hi Nathan, thank you for looking at this. I realized this when I tried the tags I applied to my latest MOC. It seems that only tags with more than a single word are affected, like "Display Stand". Single-word tags seem to work fine now for me.
  2. Hi. When clicking on a Tag when visiting a MOC site, the search is unsuccessful and doesn't provide results. On the MOC page, the tags show a number though, so you would expect that many results when clicking it. To reproduce: Open a MOC page Click on Tag Problem reproduced with different tags in Firefox 52.0.2 and Chrome 57.0.2987.133. Both on Windows 10.
  3. I didn't follow this up properly until now. I just checked my collection and it is interesting to see how many rare colored parts I have. Also the rare color indicator is pretty nice, still very visible without obstructing the part itself. Good job. I like the idea of just marking rare colored parts that means at least that a part is a rare color, but the part form itself can also be rare as well.
  4. I just realized, that the marker for rare parts jeopardized my mind. The rare parts marker is shown for parts that appear in 5 sets or less. From what I have seen, this applies to the part form, but ignores the color. Wouldn't it be better if it shows part type + color as rare? Example: Flex Axle 19L is not a rare part, since it occured in many sets. Flex Axle 19L in black/white is a rare part because it appeared only in a single set each. I can live with it either way. But I think the rare color would be interesting to know at once. Or would it be possible to have a second marker that simply shows a rare color piece? For the example above that would be perfect. The part itself is not rare, but it is rare in certain colors. Consequently, parts that appeared in a single color and a single set would get both markers. What do you think?
  5. I'm basically for something simple. While I like the idea of a basic 5-star rating, I don't think people will really use it honestly. A simple Like/Dislike like on YouTube would be sufficient. I guess. Or with 3 options: Yay - Meh - Nay
  6. Since I haven't purchased from BrickOwl yet, I cannot judge if this should be included, because I have no idea how good parts availability or prices are But in general, I would say this is a good idea. I did not yet try to use the Multi-Buy feature. To be honest, I didn't really look at the pricelist too thoroughly. But I just realized that the multibuy feature might be useful, since you get a good overview over parts and shops. But, right now, I think it is partially not working correctly and partially not really usable. Should I create separate bugreports/feature suggestions? Edit: just looked at BrickOwl and they have a wishlist feature. No idea how compatible it is or if you can import XML lists or anything like that.
  7. I have just written an article about the process of ordering new parts. This is not really about Bricklink alternatives, but it describes the process I go through: Click
  8. Hi, last weekend I had to repeat my parts order cycle again for the great Phantasm supercar, when I stumbled upon a little problem. Usually, I press the Build button and go to the missing parts list. There I usually hide the elements that I already have or that I have in a different version that can perfectly supplement the part used in a MOC. Like the new 15038 wheel, which I don't need because I have several 44772 wheels. So I hide parts, generate the XML for Bricklink and import that on Bricklink. Easy. But the hide button is somehow missing. I checked this with Firefox and Chrome. It's not a big deal, because I can easily delete the unwanted items in the Bricklink Wanted list. But, it's kind of a missing comfort. The "unhide" button on the other hand is still there, but it is useless because I can't hide parts. Cheers
  9. I understand it won't work for you. Right now you really only have a chance by separate accounts per "pool" to keep track easily of the loose parts. If there were separate lists for loose parts, that you can enable or disable like the set lists, that would totally work easily for you. I had something different before I moved where I had basically a Technic collection and a System collection which were also separated geographically. And when I started to order parts through Bricklink I had the problem to keep the parts separated, for which there was no possibility. Keeping the sets separate was no problem through different lists. This solved by moving and now being able to combine both collections. Still, I would find multiple lists for loose parts very useful for a number of cases. Also the approach for a "negative" list would also do. Still a separate list would be necessary.
  10. Well, you can make different set lists and enable or disable if they should be taken into account for building MOCs. Unfortunately, there is no chance to "split" loose parts into different lists and enable/disable those for the MOC calculation. On the other hand it would be cool to be able to substract a MOC completely from the currently available parts. E.g. have a separate list where you can specify a MOC and tell it to be currently built so parts will be substracted from the MOC calculation.
  11. Getting rid of missing parts would be rather useful. I just had a "problem" with 8458 which I bought used. It was obviously missing the spare parts and thus some gears which were necessary to build NK's Sportscar. Gladly I had enough spare parts, but the overall parts collection is incorrect.