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  1. Diniz Vilhena


    Christmas already passed, so I wish a great and successful New Year, full of joy and happiness, to all adm team and members, as well.
  2. Diniz Vilhena

    Star Wars VIP card display

  3. Diniz Vilhena

    Star Wars VIP card display

    Does anyone know anything about a new display for Star Wars VIP card?
  4. Diniz Vilhena

    Help with pieces please

    just because is not Lego, doesn't mean they are rubbish or are satanic, ehehe when I found some non-Lego bricks, I wash them well, and give them to a kindergarten or to another children institution... they always appreciate a lot
  5. Diniz Vilhena

    "LEGO" mark on the studs

    I mean just to Lego, of course. Clone brands have a lot with the studs marked. Even you can have your own TobyMac brand, you know? Have one manufacturer that creates customized brands, ehehe And yes, I meant "DUPLO"... just now I noticed that some duplo parts have "DUPLO" in the studs, instead of "LEGO"
  6. Diniz Vilhena

    "LEGO" mark on the studs

    after some many years, just now I noticed that some studs have another word, which is not "LEGO", marked on the studs... Does anyone knows which word is it?
  7. Diniz Vilhena

    Help with pieces please

    first thing to do: certify that all parts are Lego... every time I buy loose parts, always have some non-Lego mixed second thing to do: take some patience pills
  8. Diniz Vilhena

    new filter for "my lost parts"

    "my lost parts" have 3 nice filters: "category", "color" and "set", but a filter by "set list" would be very helpful (at least, to me). It would be great if I can know which parts are missing in a certain "set list". This feature is possible to be done? Thanks
  9. Diniz Vilhena

    tile for set 10211

    I tried several things, but still cannot see the tile for set 10211... any problem with the image?
  10. Diniz Vilhena

    set 5600 radio control car

    the car base of set 5600, have 2 buttons: one is "on/off" and does anyone know what for is the other switch? I can't find information about that anywhere... thanks
  11. Diniz Vilhena

    New Minifig Part Categories

    wow... that was fast. Thanks I think it's comprehensive and intuitive. so far, looks fine
  12. This is no more no less than my personal point of view, from my own experience. it's no kind of criticism of the excellent work done by all the staff and members. I do a lot of "part searches"... and a correct part description is really important. as well as a correct and coherent part category. And some part searches are a headache...When I try to find a certain part, a minifig head for instance, if the description does not reflects minimally the head itself, it's almost impossible to find it, unless you look one by one, all the heads of that color. And, as the heads images don't shows a front view, sometimes is really a paranoia. "head number 25" or "upper part number 12" will never be found... the same way, a superman cape in the bricks category, will never shows up in a search also. Thus, when submitting a new part, a good description and the correct category is the first step for that part be useful to others
  13. Diniz Vilhena

    rookie question...

    indeed makes sense... my own explanation is to break the nerves of some Lego users which don't like to see the painting getting ugly after taking out the heads a few times. It works to me...
  14. Diniz Vilhena

    rookie question...

    hmmm... your daddy might be right, but why just some of them? the ones without the neck printed, also stuck well
  15. Diniz Vilhena

    Hobby train - a question for the experts

    I have all the pdf for the 30 models... and building all of them is in our (me and my son) "to do" long list. But that's not the point... we want to build simultaneously as many models as possible with 2 sets. And I don't know which ones to build. using maximum number of parts...