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  1. Ah OK thanks I hope that wasn´t a dumb question but i am new here on rebrickable One more question: When i add my LDD file in a custom list on rebrickable can it be seen by every rebrickable user or only by me ? (I ask because when i go on rebrickable i can see a lot of MOCs made by other people) The problem with that is that i can´t publish "my" Star Wars millennium falcon because i bought the LDD file for the falcon from RichboyJhae, who put a lot of work in the design and sells the manuals, now. Even though I modified the falcon a little bit after i bought the LDD file, the most work was done by RichboyJhae and Marshal Banana and i don´t want that they don´t get the money they deserve
  2. Hello there , at the moment i have a parts list for a MOC made with the LDD. And I just want to know whether there is a program or a website where i can import my partlist and the partlist of some Lego sets i already own and see wich parts are still remaining for my Moc so i can create a wanted list on brickling with all the parts i still need except the parts i already own by the use of the sets i own. Thanks in adwance for any help :-)