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  1. Bug Description: I noticed when I wanted to mark a set as Assembled, I got an error saying I’m missing parts. At that point I saw a percentage less than 100%. I then checked all the sets in “My Set Lists” that were notalready marked as Assembled and found the majority of sets which I own a single copy were showing less than 100%. Some sets were added within the past few weeks and others were added over 6 months ago. All the sets which I own multiple copies were all correctly showing I have 100% of the parts. How to (possibly) Reproduce this Bug: Unfortunately, I have no idea…. Browser Used: Safari 12.0 Operating System Used: macOS 10.12.6 (Sierra)
  2. LEGOmuell

    I have -407.6% of the parts in this set.

    XobSob, In step 5 you state "Tick out: Include 9 of your 9 sets in My Sets.", does that mean you unchecked/unticked the checkbox next to "Include 9 of your 9 sets in My Sets"? I randomly selected a MOC using the steps you listed and at your step 5, I unchecked the checkbox I just asked you about and re-ran the build with new options. This replicated your problem showing "Out of 732 buildable parts, you are missing 15713 parts" and "You have -2046.6% of the parts in this set". So this is definitely a bug of some kind in the system, but.... if you are indeed unchecking the checkbox to include all the sets in your "My Sets" list, them I'm pretty sure that defeats the whole purpose of running the build calculations. If you are looking to buy all the parts of the MOC you wish to build, therefore excluding all the sets in your "My Sets" list because they are already built and you don't want to take any of them apart to use in building a MOC, then what you want to do is mark your 9 sets in your "My Sets" list as "Assembled/Built Sets". Any sets you mark as "Assembled/Built" will not be used in the build calculation. Here is the link to the help page on Rebrickable discussing how to add a set to "Assembled/Built Sets": Hopefully this helps. Kind Regards, LEGOmuell
  3. Bug Description: When viewing any MOC while logged into my free Rebrickable account, a negative percentage and number of parts are shown (see attached screenshot). How to (possibly) Reproduce this Bug: Log into a free account on macOS 10.12.6 using Safari 11.0.3 and create two lists grouped by Theme (top level). Mine are named Main Set List and Sets on Display. I have a total of 19 sets with a single duplicate. There are a total of 8 sets that are marked as “Assembled Sets” so they are not calculated in figuring how many parts I already have for a given MOC. It seems as if the bug appears when I moved those 8 sets to the second set list named “Sets on Display”. When these sets were both marked as “Assembled Sets” and moved to a second set list with the “Use these Sets in Build calculations?” checkbox UNCHECKED, the negative values are shown on any MOC. Once I moved all 8 sets back to the first list (with all default settings except for renaming the set list), the negative value bug is gone. Browser Used: Safari 11.0.3 Operating System Used: macOS 10.12.6 (Sierra)