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    Could set versions be added to the API ?
  2. It is android only (phone and tablet)
  3. Oh, I thought i was clear in the description of the use :-D ---> * Did your kid deconstruct a lot of sets and now want them assembled again ? * Have you bought a huge pile of bricks and want to sort them into sets ? ---< The use case is basically that you are sitting with a pile of bricks and set-manuals, which you want to assemble into said sets. You normally have a few options: Option 1) Take a manual, start with page one and begin searching for each piece Option 2) Turn to the last page of the manual (only newer sets) and find all specified pieces, then build later For both cases you have the following issues a1) If you get interrupted you need to make a mark where you paused a2) If you can't find a piece you need to make a note of it a2-1 ) maybe you didn't look good enough and the piece surfaces later a2-2 ) the piece is lost and have to be replaced later a3) if you have multiple sets you want to assemble, it should be quicker to know in advance that you have to find x number of the same piece With my app the above is solved and the search should be more effective, if searching for pieces for multiple sets. Does this clarify ? if so i will update my app description with the above use case The menu is the "Navigation Drawer Activity" from the Android Studio activity templates.
  4. According to Google: Use your gift card, gift code, or promo code Open the Google Play Store app . Tap Menu Redeem. Enter your code. Tap Redeem. Redeem a gift card, gift code, or promotional code - Google Play Help
  5. Be quick and grab a promotion code and get my new app "Bricks Quick Sort" for free. The app is a paid app so you will not be bothered by any kind of ads what so ever. It is an open beta so everyone are welcome. RZ0RX80K79H8TF8P7ELKWZQ 52EWWA53AUXX3ZMV5TTZ9SU T4F2RPMPYX358F3LULARAWW K9N1C9D7NPLD06QBMP73RBM AK67JJN0TRGJH4EG9N8E0V9 92PQY6AWWDXZ0QD54Z3U4VN A5735Y3HS628CB334TZ01XR WT0H0EJGLK360VE58SXFMNX What is Bricks Quick Sort, read the description on Google Play or down below. Have a nice day Thomas --- Bricks Quick Sort --- Effectively sort your LEGO® bricks into sets. * Did your kid deconstruct a lot of sets and now want them assembled again ? * Have you bought a huge pile of bricks and want to sort them into sets ? With this app you enter the set number and the list of all the needed pieces are retrieved, you can add several sets to the list and the app will keep track of which pieces you have marked found for each set. The current sorting strategy is by part and color. Spare pieces are not included. If you have any suggestions for features or improvements you are very welcome to contact me.
  6. No problem :-) The workarounds we have identified so far should cover the situation, although it would mean some extra api calls.
  7. As i don't want to query every individual part, i have come to the conclusion that this url point to the correct image<elementId>.jpg the admin should know about it as this sub forum is about the API including bugs, but strangely there have been no comments so far :-)
  8. could it be possible to get the correct image by inserting the elementId in the last part of the part_img_url dd<elementId>.jpg
  9. When querying the parts of a set, the returned part_img_url points to the wrong image example, the red train front base is white, but the returned image is blue. id 363383 inv_part_id 363383 part part_num "87619" name "Train Front Sloping Base with 4 Studs" part_cat_id 5 part_url "" part_img_url "" external_ids BrickOwl 0 "788601" color id 15 name "White" rgb "FFFFFF" is_trans false